Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Islamist savages murder children

Terrorist attacks are not uncommon in Pakistan, or indeed much of the Muslim world where reports emerge daily of atrocities carried out by Islamists not only against other Muslims, but other minorities as the barbarism of ISIS has highlighted.

This morning like every other civilised person in the world who heard the news I was horrified by the murder of children, in a school by a group of militants who claim to be part of a religion of so-called peace. This evening the numbers of dead have been reported as 140 including several teachers.

Indiscriminate murder of children, militants going from classroom to classroom just killing.

The Taliban justified their attack by saying the Pakistani military had "targeted their families". Even if that were true that does not justify their action at all and further have people forgotten these are the people who tried to kill Malala Yousafzai for the perceived "crime" of wanting to be educated.

Educated as a woman along with other girls?

She survived  and has been an inspiration to us all in the fight for women's rights, not just in Pakistan but across the world.

Neither she, nor any of her school friends ever harmed them or their families.

Thing is these scum do not need an excuse to kill.

The Taliban are worse than medieval and like their co-thinkers in ISIS, Boko Harem and those in Chechnya  who you recall committed a seemingly forgotten atrocity in Beslan where some 300 people, mostly children were killed in 2004.

There is no justification for the deliberate targeting of children.

The Taliban and their Islamist allies and co-thinkers around the world are a danger to us all.

They must be stopped.


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