Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Remember persecuted Christians this Christmas

The most persecuted of religious minorities these days seems to be the Christians, particularly within the Muslim world. The horrific stories of rape, slavery and genocide by the ISIS criminals is well know. Other news has included the the continual abuse of the so-called  "Blasphemy Laws" in Pakistan.

Unfortunately it doesn't end there.

One of the major problems still facing the world today is slavery. 

In some countries it is described as "bonded labour". It's still slavery.

What happens when people resist?

Just read this story from the Christian Post:

Thirteen Christian families in a small village located in the Punjab province of Pakistan are now homeless after the local municipal government demolished their homes because the families refused to work for no pay and become bonded laborers.

Members of the Christian families, who all worked at a local brick kiln in the village of Samundri, refused to continue working unless they received fair compensation for their labor. Pakistan Christian Post reports that the village's municipal government carried out the destruction of their homes last week after being pressured to do so by the "influential" Muslims who owned the brick kiln operation.

"Houses of 13 Christian families have been demolished by the Town Municipal Administration Samundri under the pressure of the influential people of the village just because they refused to bonded labour without any penny," the news report stated.

The owners of the brick kiln behind the demolition of the homes successfully lobbied the town administration and claimed that the homes needed to be demolished in order to make room for a new village hospital, since the village's old hospital that was built about 20 years ago has been "non-functional since its beginning."

With about 72 Christian families living in the majority Muslim village, all the Christian families in the town are forced to live in a segregated corner of the town because "they may not be mixed with the people of the majority religion."

Professor Anjum James Paul, chairman of the Pakistan Minorities Teachers Association, chastised the municipality for destroying the Christian homes. He said these families are now living without shelter and now have to cope with the cold winter nights.

The real blasphemy being carried out is one against basic humanity.

Meanwhile as the Christians of the Middle East face extinction the anti-imperialist brigade remains silent.

The left should be ashamed of itself.

The need for a world wide secular movement to promote tolerance for all faiths and none has never been greater.

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