Thursday, 18 December 2014

PCS suspends internal democracy as financial crisis deepens

The breaking news tonight is the (as yet not officially confirmed) report that an emergency meeting of the unions National Executive Committee has suspended next years internal elections. 

This shows how far the unions financial crisis has deepened with little to no information about the true state of affairs being given to the members by Mark Serwotka and the unions far left leadership.

Debate has been raging on the unions Face Book page for over two hours as I write without any response from members of the NEC or their supporters despite at least a couple of them known to have viewed the discussion.

That in itself is a disgrace.

According to emerging reports the other measures being taken include:

* Conference to be bi-annual

* The number of delegates cut

* Headquarters staff to be reduced

* Headquarters building has been sold for £25 million

The NEC has yet to make a statement on the outcome of it's meeting today and there seems little desire on the part of the Grandees to comment given the extremely serious nature of their decisions.

The decision to suspend democracy in the union is shameful.

Members are being denied a say in the way the union has been run. Run into the ground by Serwotka along with the Socialist Party and it's other far-left allies.

The fact that this has taken place at a time when members and reps are preparing to go on leave for Christmas is disgraceful and reminiscent of the underhanded way they decided to get planning permission for Falcon Road (PCS Headquarters) and not telling anyone they were thinking of selling up.

Or should it be selling out?

No wonder members have lost confidence in the union.

So much has obviously been kept from us.

PCS obviously does not belong to it's members any more.

No wonder the campaign for direct debit subscriptions is faltering.

What the hell are we signing up to?

An update will appear in due course. Watch this space. 

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  1. And yet we were all told that bigger unions were more effective!