Friday, 2 October 2015

Cultural appropriation? The hypocrisy of the "left"


The student movement seems to move from one absurdity to another these days as the lefty types arrive at college to teach rather than learn which is what I always thought higher education is about.

According to some bonehead student union types it is forbidden to wear sombreros as it is "cultural appropriation" despite these being given out by a Mexican restaurant at the university freshers fair.

A non-Mexican wearing a Sombrero is a crime against political correctness and oppresses Mexican everywhere.

This was met by a concerted defence in a letter to The Times this week when a first year student (himself "half-Mexican) considered such a ban an "insult to all Mexicans". "The English eat our food, drink our tequila why shouldn't they wear our hats? "What next ban the wearing of green on St Patricks day?" Quite.

Meanwhile the most obvious "crime" of cultural appropriation is the wearing of the Palestinian keffiyeh by large hordes of the anti-imperialist brigades who are generally hold the same sort of barmy PC prejudices of the average student union commissar.


More than that the "left" have appropriated the whole struggle right down to adapting to Islam(ism) as a substitute for their own failings. It's why groups like the Socialist Workers Party and the Stop the War Coalition are obsessed with the new religion of Palestinianism.

It used to be the Viet-Cong, then the IRA. Now we hear the shouts of "We are Hamas, we are Hezbollah". Actually you are not comrades. You are pretentious little prats who do not have a clue about anything but your own navel gazing.  Stick to reading Lenin with one hand.

Or get a life, which would probably be better for everyone.

Mean while I'll stick to trying to remember the words to the song My Sister Belinda which I learnt from the PCLSU Rugby Club back in the seventies.

That involved a sombrero.

Too rude to print here....

Should be a song of resistance at the University of Westminster as the Poly of Central London is now called. Their students union is run by Islamists.

In my day it was the Maoists of the Communist Party of Britain Marxist-Leninist. They were all pro-Enver Hoxha, got upset by Goat jokes. Oh wait so do Islamists......

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