Sunday, 18 October 2015

Labour's crisis worsens

It seems that the Corbyn effect on voting intentions is finally starting to filter through as the latest poll in the Independent on Sunday shows the  Tories on 42% whilst Labour languishes on 29%. This comes after previous polls have shown that Corbyns election has had no effect on the Scottish vote whatsoever and the SNP looks likely to dominate previous Labour strongholds for the foreseeable future.

At the same time there has been much in the news and on social media about the growing conflict inside the Labour Party. The Party, apparently on the instructions of the Marxist cadre now running Corbyn's office "named and shamed" the Labour MP's who refused to oppose the governments austerity measures. According to The Times

Email boxes of the 21 MPs who did not fall into line with John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, were deluged with complaints and abuse from hard left activists yesterday.

So much for the "nicer politics" that Corbyn allegedly wanted to start and frankly a somewhat hypocritical stance sine Corbyn himself has rebelled against the Labour whip at least 500 times in his less than distinguished parliamentary career.

While people might have criticised the man there was never to my knowledge a concerted campaign to deluge Corbyn's in-box. One wonders why Corbyn allowed his Lieutenants to act in this manner? If he pushed this himself he has shown his dark side which lies just below the surface of this "amiable man" as his supporters like to describe Corbyn. If they acted without his consent or just "persuaded " him to think this was a good idea then Corbyn is as weak as we all thought he was.

Either way Corbyn has thrown down the gauntlet against those who disagree with him over Trident by accepting the Vice President role in the outdated Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament campaign (CND). These appeasers and pro-Moscow activists seek "unilateral disarmament" leaving the country defenceless against a nuclear armed threat.

The launch of Momentum, the new "party within a party" by Corbyn's leadership campaign supporters has also attracted the attention the the far-left outside the Labour Party. The Socialist Workers Party has "encouraged" it's members to attend meetings. Even Momentum's organisers find that a step too far and are themselves seeking to block the SWP's entry. Clive Lewis MP one of the organisers has said he wants a "dialogue" with other groups in the Labour Party such as Progress.

The Corbynista's on the ground have shown through social media that they are unwilling to tolerate any "Tory-lites" as the describe anyone who does not support them and are targeting anyone and everyone who dares speak out.

The naming of the "guilty men and women" who apparently "did not have permission to abstain" by the leaders office shows the hypocrisy of the Corbyn camp. These people are Stalinists, red-fascists in plain English, makes the future of Labour bleak indeed.

The problem for the "half-percent" who back Corbyn is that they are like their leader unwilling to compromise, listen to other people and have no idea about creating the kind of broad church that Labour needs to be to defeat the Tories.

The battle for the heart and soul of the Labour Party continues.

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