Monday, 19 October 2015

PCS members should vote NO to the political fund

The largest of the civil service unions began balloting it's members today to get their "political fund renewed. The ballot takes place against a background of the ascendancy of the extreme left political current around Jeremy Corbyn of which the PCS leadership (or most of them) either want to be part of or make political gains for their various sects.

One of the main PCS leaflets tries to assure members:

Does the Political fund mean that some of my money will be given to a political party?
No. PCS is not affiliated to any political party and does not give money to any party.

Yet, or directly it should be added.

During Jeremy Corbyn's election campaign for leadership of the Labour Party the PCS General Secretary Mark Serwotka went on record as saying he would affiliate his union to Labour if Corbyn won.

Members need to raise that question directly with their General Secretary. 

If the political fund continues will PCS be seeking to affiliate?

As for not giving money to political parties that's true if talking about direct payments. However the PCS does pay money in affiliation fees to a number of organisations that are no more than front organisations for the Socialist Party or Socialist Workers Party.

PCS is affiliated to the National Shop Stewards Movement NSSN which is not really more than the Socialist Party under another name with a few gullible hangers on. PCS is also affiliated to Unite the Resistance a front for the SWP, no one else is involved except for one or two PCS activists expelled from the Socialist Party.


Then there's the question of leading members of PCS lending their support through the use of their official positions to the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition that stood in a number of constituencies against Labour. The TUSC is run by amongst others PCS Assistant General Secretary Chris Baugh and Vice President John McINally, both members of the Socialist Party which was responsible for setting up the TUSC in the first place.

Mark Serwotka as General Secretary has lent his public support to not only the TUSC during the last general election but has previously appeared on platforms of the odious George Galloway's "Respect Party. Serwotka has made it clear for some years that he seeks to build an alternative to the Labour Party.

Then there's all the other tin pot outfits that PCS affiliates to such as the laughably named Stop the war Coalition and the pro Hamas Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

That's what the political fund has been primarily used for over the years.

Although there is some infighting going on amongst PCS activists over Corbyn and Labour there will undoubtedly be a move for the union to head in that direction as the Corbyinstas purge Labour and move away from being a "broad church" capable of taking on the Tories and turns into a hard left sect incapable of ever achieving power.

PCS members should be aware that the unions decline is due to  more than a decade of poor political leadership and financial management by the far left activists that control the organisation.

More than any other union PCS needs to be de-politicised and returned to being a proper trade union. Only a defeat for the activists by removing their "political fund" stands a chance of achieving that.

Frankly members would be better served by joining other unions but that's a different debate and for now should reject the PCS having a "political fund" and vote no. 

Given the vast majority of members will not even bother to vote that's not likely to happen, but it should.

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