Sunday, 11 October 2015

Scottish Greens turn to the far-right

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Th Green Party in Scotland has taken a dramatic turn to the far right as they adopted a motion attacking Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East. This comes at a time when the threat of Islamism in the form ISIS reaches an all-time high with crimes against Christians, Yazadi's and even Muslims that dare to differ from their version of the "religion of peace".

With Rape, slavery and genocide taking place on daily basis it's clear who the real racists and purveyors of "apartheid are in the region.  And don't forget Saudi Arabia whose treatment of women constitutes gender apartheid. In fact the position of women as second class citizens across the Islamic world is clearly appalling. Don't even mention gays.

As for Christians, just ask the Copts of Egypt how they are treated as third class citizens with their women sometimes kidnapped and forced into Islamic marriages through forced marriage.

But no as usual the only country that attracts criticism from yet another part of the so-called left is Israel.

The Daily Record reports:

The Scottish Green Party has voted overwhelmingly in favour of South of Scotland Holyrood candidate Eurig Scandrett's motion accusing Israel of "systematic infringements of international law" and of perpetuating "the racist ideology of modern day Zionism".....

The Greens will also now call for Palestinian resistance leaders Hamas to be taken off international terrorist lists, despite a last-minute attempt to have this section removed.

Delegate David McDowell, whose call for an amendment was defeated, said: "This is unnecessarily opening us to ridicule.

"Hamas is a terrorist organisation, and that has got nothing to do with whether it is justified or not. It just is a terrorist organisation as it commits terrorist acts."

However delegates chose to join the alter of the new anti-imperialist religion of "Palestinianism" ignoring the inherent racism of Hamas, a group who have committed terrorist acts and themselves are guilty not only of war crimes but seek the genocide of all Jews in Israel which is written into their charter.

All this conveniently ignored by the Scottish Greens who now join the ranks of the Stop the War Coalition, Counterfire and others in the new fascism that has developed amongst the former far-left organisations.

Here's a Hamas video to remind readers what they really are. Islamist Nazi's.

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  1. Howie. Once again, your comments regarding Israel and the disgraceful attitude of the modern left are very welcome.

    I do not agree with your views on religion. I regard myself as a religious person, but you are spot on regarding the only beacon of freedom and hope for the Middle East in Israel. I am fairly sure that the modern left do not really appreciate the irony of supporting neo fascists in their modern pogrom. Indeed, this is one of the main reasons I have become so disillusioned with modern left wing politics. PCS became an irrelevance long ago, but this issue has genuine ramifications across the world.

    Please keep up this good work. Hopefully, together, right minded people will win the day, and bigotry and hatred will lose.


    Steve Laz