Sunday, 4 October 2015

So much for Corbyn's "nicer politics"

One of Jeremy Corby's much vaunted new are of politics is to make the whole thing "nicer". He told supporters to:

Cut out the abuse. Cut out the cyber-bullying, cut out the misogyny and get back to real politics.

That didn't last long. if at all.

Throughout his campaign the leftists now known as "Corbynistas" conducted themselves very badly on social media identifying every opponent as a Tory, sometimes worse. And dare differ from them on any issue and even on Labour Face Book pages the abuse became more than personal, it became visibly vicious.

And so it continues today.

A demonstration organised by the TUC and designed to raise the concerns of ordinary workers ends up being hijacked as usual. Not just shouts of "Tory scum" (way to go on trying to influence people comrades, they will not even bother to try and listen) spitting at a journalist  (way to go to influence the media) and then after the culprit is arrested a section of the crowd actually thinks it's OK to spit and shouts that for all to hear.

How nice these socialists and campaigners for the working class are not.

I'm no fan at all of the current government and like many others argued for a Labour vote at the last election. Many of these Corbynista types opposed the Labour Party and now are seemingly hell bent on making it unelectable by the day.

Nicer politics?

Problem is Corbyn is an ideologically blinkered, weak and very naive man who does not really understand the monster he has unleashed nor does he have any idea how to control it.

Too quick to make dodgy friends and support undemocratic regimes he is a man of the past and frankly not as bright as his followers seem to think.

If Labour does not purge itself of these elements the only ones who will suffer are those that the Labour Party was originally founded to represent, the workers, the poor and the disadvantaged.

The hijacking of Labour by the pretentious middle class ideologues will lead to a decade or more of Tory Government.

Sadly Denis Healy dies this week but he was an astute politician who once said:

“There are far too many people,” he declared at the party conference that followed Labour’s third successive defeat in 1959, “who want to luxuriate complacently in moral righteousness in opposition ... We are not just a debating society. We are not just a socialist Sunday school. We are a great movement that wants to help real people at the present time. We shall never be able to help them unless we get power. We shall never get power until we close the gap between our active workers and the average voter in the country.

Words that should motivate the real Labour activists in their fight against the rise of the new left-fascists that have hijacked the party.


  1. And the right wing are lovely little bunnies who never throw abuse at anyone, aren't they? They never misrepresent anyone's views and have never bullied perfectly decent activists, oh no, not at all! Actually, some of the worst bullies and witchhunters are on the 'moderate' (lol) side.

    Most Corbyn supporters will have been on that demo today, conducting themselves in a peaceful, orderly manner. A vocal few is not representative of his entire support base. Yes, the Left has a few idiots who get involved for the wrong reasons and throw abuse around. There are also many more on the Left who don't engage in such rubbish and have a robust but constructive debate.

    Don't know why I bother anyway. Your posts engage in precisely the same name calling and shit slinging that you're criticising, and simply show someone just as blinkered on the other side.

    And you call for a purge. Hypocritical from start to finish. You're the one living in the past mate.

  2. Don't recall ever claiming I stood for "nicer politics" simply that I stand against communism, fascism and Islamism. Fighting these people will never be nice. I am not naive to beleive it could ever be,