Thursday, 8 October 2015


Have you heard the one about the Student Union Diversity Officer who tweeted "#KillAllWhiteMen"?

No it's not a joke.

She's for real and you may have heard of Bahar Mustafa before. She became infamous for organising a meeting where men and white women were not welcome at her students union.

Mustafa one of these trigger warning happy anti-every phobia you can list activists that seem to plague student unions these days.

Apparently Mustafa has made it clear she cannot be a racist as she is a member of an ethnic minority.

Turkish to be precise.

Turkey. Lets think about that country for a moment.

The remains of an Imperialist Empire that once dominated the Middle east and a swathe of Europe. The Ottoman Empire.

A country where the Kurdish minority is banned from using it's own language, where Kurdish activists are beaten up murdered and have their bodies dragged through the streets just because they are Kurdish.

And don't mention the Armenian Genocide. No really don't if you are in Turkey such talk can land you in prison.

I don't think Armenians or Kurds would agree with Ms Mustafa.

Racism raises it's ugly head all around the world. It is not and never has just been the preserve of whites, men or otherwise.

Last night I was directed by friends on Face Book to a talk that Mustafa took part in recently about Free Speech.

It's quite long and I freely admit I ended my listening when the questions came from the audience. I had almost lost the will to live by this point.

Also taking part was the rather odd Bea Campbell, the old Stalinist hack who Brendan O'Neill reminded us took part in the wholly untrue campaign against Satanism supposedly taking place in working class families back in the eighties which ruined so many working class families lives.

Mustafa makes it quite clear (well in between the endless use of the word "like") that she doesn't believe in free speech. Her inability to make a coherent contribution is a sad reflection on the University which is supposed to be educating her.

Have a listen, worth persevering with just to see first hand how the navel gazing student types and their fellow thinkers have degenerated.

But then again what would I know I'm only a man. White(ish) and Jewish. A double oppressor in these morons eyes...... 

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