Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Apathy, Atavism and the new Strasserites

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For the first time since this long and tedious election began I finally saw a poster and placard in someone's house whilst travelling home through Putney. It promoted the Liberal Democrats which given the area wasn't much of a surprise but when I watched out for others but there were none. Not one other.

Given the ferocity undertaken by activists and others on social media this does seem a little odd until I think about those I work with. The election does not get much, if any mention. Other more "mundane" matters plus a little banter remain the order of the day.

The big debate on Sky/Channel 4 did not get a mention at all. Not once.

Most people I know would normally vote Labour if they bothered voting at all and it never ceases to amaze me how many people don't. Corbyn has changed that. People want a Labour Government but those I have engaged with do not want the man or his movement.

And yet the polls show a closing gap between Jeremy Christ and the vicars daughter. How can this be? Most voters think old Corbyn is a total twat.

Theresa May is responsible. She is losing the election at the moment through sheer incompetence.

"Strong & stable" she says and then backtracks every five bloody minutes.

At the beginning the Prime Minister had a huge lead in the polls. Labour was heavily divided (and remains pointedly so), with Corbyn having such bad personal ratings one wonders why he bothers. Only his twisted ideology kept him going.

All May had to do was concentrate on delivering Brexit, standing firm on defence and throw a few crumbs on the table for the proles and she should be romping home. No need to rock the boat by upsetting the grey haired brigade with things like the "dementia tax".

The Tories have just over a week to restore their fortunes. Theresa May could have had an easy ride, a big majority and Corbyn would have been shafted.

Meanwhile the Corbynistas are showing their true colours in attacking a professional journalist from the Woman's Hour programme on Radio 4.

"Are you Jewish" they ask.

New politics? No, Just plain old National Socialism.

Corbyn must be stopped.

Old Labour is finished. Come June 9th there must be a reckoning. We need an alternative to both Labour and the Tories.

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