Wednesday, 3 May 2017

The "left" has become toxic

As I walked home in the gloom of clouds and rain I wondered whether there would be yet another atrocity committed by one of the Labour leadership in this equally gloomy election campaign. I had arrived home yesterday oblivious to Diane Abbott's "car crash" of an interview which was drawn to my attention by both my partner and seemingly everyone on Facebook when I went on-line.

I can't add to the mixture of bemusement and horror that people have expressed about her performance or lack of it when asked simple questions about Labour's policing policy. However once again it brings into question whether Labour is not just fit to govern, but even fit to be the opposition party.

There undoubtedly remain lots of good people inside the Labour Party but they and the MP's have lost control. The Corbynistas have the car and its skidded off the road and is sinking in the swamp that is the of the far-left.

John McDonnell hasn't helped matter with his appearance on the May Day march which has been long hijacked by the Stalinist and Trotskyists who are no friends of the workers, just another set of oppressors. Just look at the treatment of workers and trade unions under Soviet rule. Trotsky long suppressed them before Stalin grabbed power. Communism is no choice.

Of course the Corbynistas will claim other countries are closer to their "vision". they usually mean Cuba & Venezuela. You can't even get toilet paper in a country with the world's highest known oil reserves. What kind of sh*t leads to that situation.

The comrades have captured Labour. They don't care about winning elections. Talk of alliances with equally deranged Green Party and tactical voting to "keep the Tories out" falls on so many deaf ears. Interest in this election has fallen to the lowest levels I can remember even though the pundits wet themselves with excitement.

Diane Abbott represents the worst of the left. Arrogant and patronising.

The left has become toxic beyond belief.

Normally I would be planning a series of articles about the political fringe, but there isn't one this time. The lunatics have all joined or called for support for Labour.

Like so many who crave a real democratic opposition and potential government there is no one to vote for.

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