Friday, 5 May 2017

Carry on Regardless

Over the past few days pundits have been predicting Labour losses in the local elections of around 100 seats, with the Tories making ground possibly at both Labour and UKIP's expense. A Tory revival of sorts was predicted in Scotland and it was feared Labour would lose control of Glasgow.

Today suffered an electoral defeat on a scale that was four times as bad as the predictions. Glasgow was indeed lost and the Tories gained in excess of 500 seats. Theresa May did so well that it was necessary for her to downplay the result so as not to appear too self confident.

Oh and UKIp was wiped off the map. Hardly surprising since (a) it's aim has been achieved and (b) their new leader is not any more fit for purpose than Corbyn is for Labour.

Yet I turn on the TV and watch Corbyn rush to Liverpool where one of his stooges managed to gain a Mayor position and act as if Labour was on course for a victory. The crowd of adoring duly chanted "Tories Out" as if it was some kind of incantation that would magic victory from defeat.

The fact is Corbyn, Momentum and the rest of the far-left has now actually succeeded in achieving the electoral defeat everyone has been warning them of.

400 losses.

And a general election barely a month away.

Yet  Momentum supporter Rachel Godfrey-Wood (which the Pub Lanlord might describe as a "good working class name") writes in the Guardian:

..the pundits should be careful because the ground is shifting from under that narrative. Labour, which under Corbyn’s leadership has grown to be the biggest left of centre party in Europe, has woken up.

It’s the people versus the establishment, and for the first time in my lifetime we have, in Jeremy Corbyn, a potential prime minister who is really on our side.

Such vanguardist arrogance from the comrades who claim to represent "the class" (to which most of them do not actually belong). The "people" have decided otherwise it would seem. 

The "people" in my workplace think Corbyn should fuck off now. But he won't and we all know that the Corbyn/Abbott/McDonell triumvirate will carry on regardless.

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