Monday, 8 May 2017

Students ban the Tibetan Flag

Remember the students union that banned the wearing of sombreros as "cultural appropriation" even though they were being handed out by the local Mexican restaurant? Well they're at it again.

This time they've removed the Tibetan flag from a display because of complaints from the Chinese Communist Party Society which described as "secessionist". These comrades also demanded the removal of the taiwanese flag but since there was a Taiwanese Society this was declined.

There were of course no Tibetan students. I wonder why?

The left has either remained silent or actively supported the Chinese occupation of Tibet.

For further information please visit the Free Tibet website:

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  1. The Taiwanese Flag is of course the real flag of the whole of China. The Republic of China (ROC) founded in 1911 and which still exists on the island of Taiwan. Hopefully it will fly in Tiananmen Square once again.