Monday, 1 May 2017

Labour is failing and the vultures are circling

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There seems to be some confusion about the level of support the Labour Party is getting in the run-up to the general election. One poll I came across suggested that over half of those who voted Labour at the last election would not be doing so again yet other polls show a slight decrease in support for the Tories and an increase to 30% for Labour. So what is going on exactly?

With out a doubt Theresa May will still be Prime Minister come June 9th with an increased majority of some sort whilst Corbyn himself remains a derided figure amongst the vast majority of the electorate, Labour voters included.

There are signs of both resignation and panic in Labour's ranks. In Scotland the party is putting resources into just three seats. Obviously Labour see Scotland as a write off.  Meanwhile the Guardian reports:

Labour’s former policy chief has called on Jeremy Corbyn to stand down candidates in two key constituencies in order to help the Greens defeat the Conservatives and boost their hopes elsewhere.

Jon Cruddas has teamed up with MPs, including the former shadow cabinet member Clive Lewis, peers and campaigners such as Neal Lawson and Billy Bragg to issue the demand through a letter in the Guardian that warns of a looming “Tory landslide”......

Lawson, who chairs the pressure group Compass, said Labour could unlock 20 seats where the Green vote was key by simply stepping aside in two: Brighton Pavilion and the Isle of Wight.

The group, which also includes Helena Kennedy, the MP Tulip Siddiq, Paul Mason and Owen Jones, say they believe Labour is the best vehicle for a more “equal, democratic and sustainable society”.

But they warn: “With the progressive vote split the danger of a Tory landslide and all it means for our country now looms darkly on 8 June.”

Cruddas, the Dagenham MP who led Labour’s policy review in 2015, agreed but admitted that the move could trigger a backlash within the party.

A backlash? It's an admission of defeat that Labour will have to ally with the unreliable and ultra-left Green Party to even save a few seats. Cruddas & Owen are looking the wrong way. 

The problem for Labour is Jeremy Corbyn and his followers. The man and the movement that you Master Owens helped create. A monster that has destroyed the only viable opposition party in the UK.

Reports have appeared in the press and on-line that even long term Labour voters are going to cast their ballot for Mrs May because they do not trust the old fool.

Nor should they.

It's too late for change before the election but in the aftermath there must be a re-assessment of whether Labour can continue as it is because at the moment it's failing.

That's bad for democracy, not that the Corbynistas care they are waiting in the wings like vultures to pick the bones of a once great party to satisfy their own carrion-like ideology. 

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