Thursday, 8 June 2017

Are we there yet?


It's not often I would consider writing a post in the middle of the night (it's exactly 3:30am as I begin to type) but this election night has been full of surprises. The Prime Minister, despite winning her own seat is doing extremely badly with gains far and few between and then mainly from the SNP whilst actually losing seats to Labour including the gross ben Gummer in Ipswich.

One of the big surprises was Nick Clegg losing his seat in Sheffield Hallam. I think a lot of people like myself forgot he didn't get the boot last time. There's even a recount going on in Hastings where Amber Rudd may lose her seat.

Vince Cable is back in Twickenham with a whacking great majority over the Tories and the Lib Dems have also gained Kingston. The Liberals are already up to 9 seats, two more than the last election.

Corbyn's mates in Sinn Fein  have gained two seats from the moderate SDLP, a worrying sign for Northern Ireland.

The SNP's bubble has burst and the previously arrogant Nicola Sturgeon seems to be eating a wee bit of "humble pie" at the moment. So far they have lost 14 seats!

Labour have even rolled out the somewhat discredited Shami Chakrabarti to replace the "ill" Diane Abbott to comment on the election results.

The late surge for Labour is an unexpected outcome and seems to be despite Corbyn, though younger voters have reacted positively to him.

A hung parliament seems to be the most likely outcome at the moment. Theresa May is the one who will be looking to depart. She has no mandate and what credibility she had has gone out the window. How quickly fortunes have changed in just a few weeks.

Back tomorrow with the election obituary.

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