Friday, 9 June 2017

First Brexit, Now a Hung Parliament

Photo: By Owltom

When I retired to bed during the referendum I expected to wake up to a small but assured majority to remain in Europe. The actual result both shocked and sowed the foundations of division that has beset the nation ever since.

Now the general election is over and never has a Prime Minister squandered an opportunity more than Theresa May. From leading in the polls and and having a high personal rating because of a divided and ineffective opposition under Jeremy Corbyn who was expected by most including myself to lead the Labour Party to a wipeout May has succeeded in only sealing her own eventual resignation.

At the time of writing there are still three seats to declare but the result is clear. The Tories remain the largest party but can only rule with the help of 10 Ulster loyalist MP's in the DUP. This position only marginally helped by the fact Sinn Fein has captured extra seats and will not sit in the House of Commons as they will not take a loyalty oath to the Queen.

While the Tory knives will be out this morning and reports of a "Stop Boris" campaign have already been heard, Corbyn the most unsuitable candidate ever will be safe for the next five years.

Already the Momentum types have been on social media proclaiming the need for a purge. The Corbynistas are now emboldened and arrogant in their advance. How the moderate mainstream will cope with this reality will be seen over the coming months.

As nationalism retreats in Scotland, it advances in Northern Ireland. The nation remains as divided as ever with Brexit negotiations about to begin the country is in a weak position. It is rare that I would agree with Corbyn but his comment that we should immediately protect the rights of EU citizens lining in the UK would be a sign of good faith.

European leaders will not take the Prime Minister seriously therefore she must go sooner rather than later. Who will replace her is however unclear. Certainly not Amber Rudd a parliamentary newby who barely survived last night.

The choices are limited. There is in all parties a lack of political talent, a product of the modern age of social media?

Brexit has led to a hung parliament and a more uncertain future. In all probability this country will need a second general election later in the year just like 1974.

Well the left have dragged us back to the seventies.....


  1. Corbibnistas aren't arrogant or swamp dwellers. They just recreating the post war settlement on education NHS etc which has been destroyed by Thatcher and then the third way. Get behind them. Remember 50 years since the summer of love next year. Hope it can be recreated and the sense we don't have to put up with murdoch rothermere, the mail and the Barclay brothers anymore.