Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Peoples Assembly Against Democracy

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In choosing a graphic to go with this blog I just could not help but pick the symbol of Enver Hoxha's "People's Assembly" which laughingly used to get 99.9% of the vote for its candidates. Democracy did not exist in Communist Albania and the anti-democratic tradition of the left is alive and well on a March due to take place in Central London this Saturday.

The organisers, mainly a bunch of Trotskyists and Momentum types are calling for the ousting of Conservative Government despite there just having been an election and though it was not an overwhelming result, the fact remains the Tories did get more vote and far more seats than any other party.

The trouble with the left is that they don't really believe in democracy, only control. The politics of the far left are "vanguardist" and authoritarian. They believe they know what's best for the working class even if most of these cadres are far from working class themselves.

The leadership of the party always substitutes itself for the class. Thats the history of socialism around the world. Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Chavez. You name the regime there was or is only dictatorship.

And the brutality of these regimes has been shown throughout history. The left have an inbuilt intolerance of dissent even within their own ranks. Trotsky suppressed not just non-party opposition but also that which developed within the Communist Party itself. The irony being that his own methodology was turned against him and his supporters in the Left opposition by Stalin.

One only has to look on line at the behaviours of so many Corbyn supporting types to recognise the danger inherent in their movement. If you are not with them you are a "traitor", a "Red Tory" let alone a "Blairite" which seems to be the worst sin of all.

I was told on line that "only an idiot or a millionaire" would not support Corbyn. There is no middle ground for these people. They just cannot even imagine for one second they might be wrong and those not with them are not fit to have thoughts that differ.

So when you see the comrades march remember this is how Stalinism begins. No better than fascism. The new blackshirts are here and they wear red.

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