Wednesday, 7 June 2017

The day before tomorrow

Image: By RaviC

The general election is nearly upon us. In a few hours the polling booths open and the people (who bother to vote) will get their say. The outcome is far from the certainty that existed at the beginning of the campaign.

Or is it?

On the face of it the gap between Labour and the Tories has closed but the outcome will also depend not just on the number of votes cast but also their distribution and it is with this  possibility that Labour may become more unstuck than the opinion polls would suggest.

Labour's vote is holding up and possibly increasing (particularly amongst the young) in London but looks increasingly likely to collapse elsewhere. Even this may be dependent on the weather. Labour voters are notoriously put off by rain.

The end result could be a Labour collapse on an unprecedented scale despite Theresa May's more than lacklustre campaign.

Or it might not.

Only tomorrow night will we finally find out the nations verdict.

Despite all the talk of "hung parliaments" and coalitions the most likely outcome remains a Tory victory. Only its size remains in question.

For me the important factor is that Corbyn and his neo-blackshirts are beaten to the extent that Labour can either be retaken by the mainstream (I dislike the term moderates) or the foundations for something new are established for the future.

If the opposition is to survive and turn into a party that is both capable and competent then the Triumvirate of Corbyn/McDonnell and Abbott must be thrown into the dustbin of history where they belong.


  1. Many, many people have known Corbyn is unelectable. His past alone makes that so. He's proved his incompetence when not talking to the converted but in the avenues of Westminster and at the despatch box. Labour needs above all an intelligent charismatic person with centrist left views in keeping with the populous. Labour has huge talent by the bucket load. Trots and Momentum have no place in a party that has struggled for their beliefs for over 113 yrs. Its not nor ever has been a far left extremist party. The quicker Corbyn , McDonnell, Abbott and the rest are resigned to history the quicker Labour can start to rebuild.

  2. I had the displeasure of bumping into the SWP stall outside Warren St tube on Monday evening whilst down in London for a meeting.
    They were campaigning to 'Vote Corbyn'. I asked for their views on nuclear and they said all,arms manufacture should be stopped, I sad what about nuclear power generation and was told all,stations should be closed (what about decommissioning) and we should invest in a court full of windmills instead.

    I questioned Corbyn and his support for IRA and Palestinian terrorists to be subject to a tirade of abuse from these 'socialists' who then went on to state they would insist PM Corbyn would call for Israel to be dismantled!!!

    God help us if these nutters get into power.

  3. You really are a seer, aren't you? I was just re-reading your post about how PCS were running scared of the (ahem) RCTU. Remember them?