Sunday, 4 June 2017

The Man Who Would Destroy Britain


With the main political parties suspending campaigning because of the terrorist atrocity in London last night I had considered not proceeding with this post however since some are now suggesting that the election should be postponed I decided to continue. The reason? The Islamist criminals want to interfere with not just our democratic process but our whole way of life. 

My thoughts this morning are with the families and friends of those murdered and maimed yesterday .

The general election is just four days away. The outcome seems to be that of a Tory win, only the scale of their victory remains in question. The future will be decided not on the re-election of May as Prime Minister but on whether Corbyn (a) continues as Labour leader and (b) the scale of their defeat.

The choice for many is stark. Theresa May has performed badly in this campaign allowing the even more dire and frankly villainous Corbyn to gain ground. What should have been a walkover may not turn out to be.

Nevertheless Corbyn remains the most dangerous politician in Britain. He does not have this countries interests at heart and is friends with most of our enemies. Form the IRA (who are seemingly still active following a raid by the Irish Garda) through Hamas & Hezbollah to the mad, bad clerics in Iran and of course the Russian bear himself Vladimir Putin.

Corbyn's economic model is based on an unaffordable wish list that may exite some voters but will lead the country to bankruptcy and third world status. His plan to ally with the SNP, who like him oppose Trident will see our defences and deterrents as well as our nation itself fall apart.

As rioting takes place in Caracas where the socialists can't even provide toilet paper for the masses we need to consider the consequences of Brexit where obvious difficulties will herald a crisis. The Prime Minister is cantankerous but Corbyn will just roll over to any demands.

Just like his defence policy, Corbyn will raise the white flag.

Then there's the racism. Yes racism.  Under Corbyn the Labour Party has been responsible for the rise of anti-Semitism in the mainstream. The left's courting of the Islamic community makes Jews surplus to requirements in the minds of the the anti-imperialists.

Corbyn and his mates condemn Israel above all nations despite the daily crimes committed by the nations of Allah against basic human rights. Women, Gays, Christians and minorities of all sorts have been abandoned by the left.

There remain some good people inside Labour despite all this, but if Corbyn does not go and take his band of Red Fascists with him the party does not and cannot have a future.

On Thursday consider not this election, but the one after. Corbyn must go. He must be defeated and the left pushed back to the primeval swamps from which they emerged.

Corbyn threatens our way of life as do his friends around the world this ideological quisling is not fit for power.

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  1. Agree 100% Howie. Though with this election,I think it's the lesser of two evils. I think the first time I became aware of Theresa May was when she was Home Secretary (when I moved here)and I heard about the debacle with airport security ie the cutting back of custom's officers and the lax security. I remember thinking the person at the top needs to go, and it should have been her. And she has the nerve to come out now saying 'Enough is enough'. And hearing Amber Rudd (another useless HS) saying a TEO has only been applied once!!! No wonder this country has so many terrorists walking around. I could not believe my ears when I heard that. Apparently, hanging out an ISIS flag, spewing hate and threats on TV and trying to indoctrinate kids in the neighbourhood isn't enough for UK police to take action. There is freedom of speech and then there's hate speech and treason – which are crimes. If you so much as tweet sympathy with ISIS, murder, etc. that's it. Goodbye. Sadly, more innocent people have paid with their lives for this government's incompetence. I'll stop now because my blood's boiling. That said, Corbyn and his network of West-and-democracy hating anti-Semitic thugs would be worse, and that's even more scary.