Monday, 21 July 2014

BNP Furher Nick Griffin "stands down"

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Former BNP Furher

The leader of the neo-Nazi British National Party, Nick Griffin was reported as "standing down" by the BNP's own website tonight stating:

Fifteen years after first being elected to lead the British National Party, I stepped aside from the position on Saturday during a meeting of the Executive Council.

Before doing so I appointed Adam Walker as Deputy Leader, with the result that, on my resignation, he immediately became Acting Leader of the BNP, pending the routine leadership election due under our Constitution next year.

The anti-fascist website Hope Not Hate reports:

The British National Party has announced that Nick Griffin has stepped down as party chairman and has handed the position to disgraced teacher and deputy chairman Adam Walker.

Announced on the BNP website earlier today, Griffin will now take up the new role as President of the far right party. What isn't clear at the moment is if Griffin will still hold the reins of power or if he has truly handed over the party to Walker.

With the party on the brink of self destruction, the futures of a number of BNP officials such as Clive Jefferson, Simon Darby, Patrick Harrington and Griffin's daughter Jennifer Matthys also appear to be in some doubt.

Our sources tell us that the BNP will stage manage the handover to Adam Walker, complete with an accompanying video, so expect lots of fake smiles and handshakes.

This is not thought to be a split within the ranks of the BNP and is thought to be a face saving exercise for Nick Griffin. No consultation has taken place with the BNP membership.

The BNP has been in crisis for some time. It has lost all but one of its council seats and Griffin was kicked out of his European Parliamentary seat earlier this year. In every election they have lost ground in due to the rise of UKIP. 

Anti-fascists should not be complacent however as this nasty little organisation remains active.

Keep informed via Hope not Hate and Searchlight

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