Monday, 28 July 2014

Editorial: Trying to make sense of the world

Each day when I sit down to write a piece for this blog I have to think about which specific issue I should tackle. I am not a reporter and this is not a news site nor is this site associated with any organisation. It simply shares my thoughts for the day,

Like most people I have an opinion, sometimes a very strong view on the terrible things that go on in the world about us. I have no allegiance to any ideology or theology (especially the latter since I am an Atheist). I prefer to be able to read various opinions from across the political spectrum and make my own mind up.

Of course there are some things I refuse to compromise on. The main one and the bottom line for me is the question of basic human rights for all.

I am an individualist and a free thinker who believes in the right of all human beings to live their lives freely and as they please so long as they do not infringe upon the rights of others to do the same.

I'm sure some pedant will try picking holes in that statement, but for most reasonable minded people my intent is clear. This brings me to the second theme of this blog, opposing political and religious extremism.

If there is one thing that I have learnt over the years the threat to our rights from authoritarian ideologies has not gone away. They simply change from one era to another.

The three main targets of my ire remain Communism, Fascism and Islamism.

What do they share in common?

Anyone who fails to do as they say or be obedient to their ways will face imprisonment or more likely death. All three are murderous in practise whether they try to hide it or not.

Concentration camps and Gulags differ little in practise. The Islamists don't even bother with formalities they just seem to kill on the spot for any alleged slight to their oh so fragile beliefs.

They all remain a threat one way or the other.

From North Korea to the ISIS controlled areas of Iraq and Syria ordinary people suffer the indignity of oppression. On the streets their supporters pose threats through not just terrorism and violence but bullying and more subtle pressure that leads to self censorship or withdrawal of criticism.

Islamists first came to attention with the burning of Salman Rushdies novel The Satanic Verses, and currently the quite psychotic leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un even makes war threats over some second rate comedy called The Interview because he is afraid his Great leader persona will be undermined.

At the same time openly Fascist parties seem to be making a come back in place like France (National Front) and Hungary (Jobbick) along with the rise of ant-Semitic rhetoric in demonstrations ostensibly about Gaza.

The floodgates are full to bursting from the most unsavoury types of bigots.

It is necessary to speak out against these developments.

Standing up for Human Rights, particularly for women and gays as well as Christians and Jews in the Middle East has become the issue of the day,

The Far-Left and the Islamists seem have have reached a conflation of interests over their perceived "anti-Imperialist" agendas, with so many so-called progressives providing political cover for some of the worst bigots around.

Anti-Semitism and the fate of Christian minorities in the Muslim world (and beyond) is ignored and set aside as the comrades and the fundamentalists find common cause.

As such these developments need to be exposed. Their hypocrisy highlighted and expose the suffering of those who do not fit in their twisted agendas from being ignored.

Where have the progressives been during the Syrian civil war? Not one demonstration organised by the usual suspects who jump at the chance to condemn the democracies at every opportunity.

Where were they when the hundreds of school girls were kidnapped by Boko Harem a basically criminal organisation working under the cover of "Islam" who wanted to sell these girls into slavery.

Where are the protests against North Korea the most oppressive nation on Earth?

Where indeed.

Where there is war we should all be calling for peace.

Where there is oppression we should be calling for liberation.

I am just a "lone" blogger speaking out against the enemies of freedom, of human rights and justice.

The world is not a simple place and solutions are not easy. Mistakes will be made. I have and will probably continue to make mistakes, just like everyone else in the political arena. Anyone who denies their errors is a fool or a liar.

Just look at the question of women's rights. The largest "socialist" organisation in this country, the Socialist Workers Party imploded not because something happened, but because they chose political expediency over justice.

These "Trotskyists" claim to represent something different to the political criminals of Stalinism, yet they have been found wanting. Their authoritarianism was exposed to the world.

And it has happened before.

The Workers Revolutionary Party went through the same process in the eighties when their then leader, Gerry Healy had his "activities" exposed.

The far-left have not learnt any lessons at all.

And now they stand alongside Islamists, shouting "Islamophobia" at anyone who dares to criticise some of the followers of this "religion of peace".

Such accusations led to child abuse being ignored and classrooms taken over by bigots seeking to impose an extremely intolerant version of their faith on children.

In such circumstances there is a need to speak out.

Our democracy and that of other countries will always remain in danger precisely because democracy allows such people the right we all take for granted.

Free speech and assembly.

The very rights we would be denied should any of these people achieve power.

We cannot be like them, we have to better than they are.

Nobodies perfect. No society is perfect.

But democracy, human rights and free speech are worth protecting.

That's why I blog.

Join me in this journey. We might not always agree, but the right to disagree without threat to body and liberty is what we should all be standing for.

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