Sunday, 6 July 2014

Marxism 2014: The SWP's problems just wont go away

Creeping Feminism 

The Socialist Workers Party are busying themselves for their annual "Marxism" bash being held in Central next week, the opening of which coincides with the Public Sector "pay strike" on 10th July. Obviously given their recent (ahem) problems they will be hoping to replace the rather large number of members they have managed to misplace lose as a result of the well publicised "Comrade Delta" affair.

They might have a few problems though. A number of feminists have been busy making sure that the Professor  and his "lynch mob" are not let off the hook by the passage of mere time. 

A twitter campaign by Creeping feminism swp off campus has led to the "cancelling" of the end of Marxism party as they have persuaded all the acts due to appear to err...not do so!

UPDATE: AFTER PARTY HAS BEEN CANCELLED. Well done to the artists for refusing to work with rape apologists!
I suppose Charlie Kimber and the Prof could spin a few records from their record collections instead, though given their ages they'll need to check some of the stuff from the seventies is given a miss.

The Prof seems to be in denial of his party's problems when he writes in the latest issue of  their theoretical journal International Socialism:

One reason why we suffered such a severe crisis was because we take combating sexism so seriously.

Really? I would have thought the exact opposite was the problem.

We were reminded of the attitude of the SWP at time via this tweet:

The full quote "we aren't rape apologists unless we believe all women tell the truth, and guess what some women and children lie" wow

The SWP has no future. Nor should it.

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