Monday, 7 July 2014

WTF: The return of Martin Smith

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It's not often I find myself lost for words, but the re-appearance of Martin Smith with a new website did leave me speechless and at a loss at what to say.

But it is him.

Working with someone called Tash Shifrin of whom I've never heard, but seems to have been an activist in Unite Against Fascism.

You can find it here (if you must): there is a Twitter account to go with it:

And they are on Face Book with 90 "Likes".

Wonder if they realise whose "operation" this website is?

It seems to have been around for a while but unnoticed.

Best ignored methinks. 

But be aware (or should that beware) it exists.

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  1. Look at the comment number 2 from Rich Blackman in the World Cup group H section. They cannot countenance any acknowledgement that the UK is less repressive than other regimes.