Tuesday, 22 July 2014

ISIS begins persecution of religious and ethnic minorites

"We offer them three choices: Islam; the dhimma contract - involving payment of jizya; if they refuse this they will have nothing but the sword," 

ISIS statement

Whilst the world is distracted by the tragedy of flight MHi7 in the Ukraine and the continuing fighting with terrorists in Gaza, the Islamist fanatics of ISIS have begun the "ethnic cleansing" of Christians in its so-called Islamic caliphate that now straddles Iraq and Syria.

The BBC reports:

Islamist militants in Iraq are reported to have seized an ancient monastery near Mosul and expelled the monks.

Local residents said monks at the Mar Behnam monastery were allowed to take only the clothes they were wearing.

The monastery, which dates from the 4th Century, is a major Christian landmark and a place of pilgrimage.

Christians have fled Mosul after the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Isis) told them to convert to Islam, pay a tax or face death.
So much for "no compulsion in religion" as the Koran says in one entry.
This is just latest attack on Christians organised by these clerical fascists. 
In Syria the Irish Times reports:
Syrian threat In Isis-controlled eastern Syria, Christians have fared little better. Last March, the jihadist group announced Christians there must convert to Islam, pay a tax or face death. Churches have been damaged and crosses, paintings and statues burned in Raqqa, a city in Syria’s east. Several Syrian and foreign priests have been kidnapped and killed by jihadists in Syria over the past three years.

Meanwhile the Shia Muslims have fared even worse. They have already begun destroying Shia shrines as reported the Lebanese Daily Star back in February:
..hard-line jihadists destroyed a Sufi Muslim shrine as they advanced on Tal Maaruf village, residents said.

ISIS militants “blew up the shrine, and burned a mosque and a police station,” said Massoud Akko, a Kurdish journalist and native of Hassakeh province, citing residents.

Reports of the execution of Shia prisoners of war shocked the world when first released. Now according to The Times Shias are beginning to be executed inside the ISIS controlled areas.
In a move reminiscent of Nazi Germany, Human Rights Watch reports that:
On July 14, three days before it issued its decree on Christians, ISIS began placing marks on minorities’ properties to designate them as Christian, Shia Shabak, or Shia Turkmen..

The world cannot stand by and let this happen. The persecution of Christians and other minorities must be stopped.
Where are the protests?
Remember ISIS is active in Gaza as allies of Hamas. These evil organisations do not care about human life.
These death cults must be stopped.

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