Saturday, 13 June 2015

Integration not separation. No religious privilege!

The election of John Biggs as Mayor of Tower Hamlets was a major step forward in the fight against separatist communalism. The legacy of Rahman and his cronies remains to be cleared up but now at least a semblance of normality can break out in the former East London caliphate.

This comes not long after George Galloway's well deserved defeat in Bradford, where according to accounts I have read he had surrounded himself with a particularly nasty group of individuals who will now have to look elsewhere for their "kicks".  Georgey boy himself has set off to London to try and appeal to the Muslim community to back his next carpetbagging political campaign to be Mayor of London.

London based Muslims might wish to be aware that Galloway lost his seat for a number of reasons. First his absenteeism since he likes earning a pretty penny or two from Russian TV and Press TV (Iranian Government propaganda channel) and wandering around the world promoting himself.

The other reason Galloway lost was because of a backlash against his targeting of Naz Shah, a victim of forced marriage in her youth.

However returning to Tower Hamlets I was reminded of this comment by the Rahmanite candidate Rabina Khan in the Socialist Worker rag:

“This election is more than a referendum on my predecessor—Tower Hamlets needs to think about its future. But I was very disappointed with the judgement.

“It implied that Tower Hamlets voters are easily led, and I think it raises serious concerns about our democracy.”

Err not quite "comrade", the judgement ruled there had been clear corruption in the election and intimidation. AS for "easily led", given the local Imams sent out a letter telling Muslims it was their "religious duty" to vote for Rahman (  clear breach of electoral law by the way) there was gross interference in the democratic process which neither she not her far-left backers have ever admitted was a problem despite all the evidence.

Unlike some countries, especially those with so-called Sharia Law imposing one religious belief over all other concerns including justice, we have a fair and open legal system in the UK. Oh mistakes can happen before anyone starts bleating but for the vast majority of cases our legal system works.

And it is this that British Muslims must consider. You have chosen the UK as your home. I and most other people do not have a problem with that, but this is not and never will be an Islamic state and it is those who seek to keep you separate and integrated from the rest of us that are the cause of your real problems rather than the perceived slights that nutters like Anjem Choudary and George Galloway rant about.

In this country we expect basic human rights and that includes the right to believe in whatever religion one chooses. However this right also brings responsibilities. Religious practises are secondary to the common law of the land. Women, Gays, and others have rights. No religion has any right to discriminate and that is not negotiable because no religion should have privilege over the rest of us.

Islam is just one religion. There are actually hundreds practises in this country, some large some very small. There are also those of us who simply do not believe.

Accept that and the road to integration can begin. Reject that and other peoples distrust of Islam which is (wrongly) called "Islamophobia" will continue.

AS an aside Saudi Arabia became Chair of the United Nations Religious Tolerance committee. (no laughing at the back), probably as a "back hander" to compensate them for not getting the leadership of the Human Rights one!  (Two words Raif Badawi)

Simultaneously Saudi Arabia has announced no churches or places of worship for other faiths can be built in the Saudi state. Tolerance indeed. Not.

Saudi Arabia is a net exporter of religious hate and intolerance and Misogyny. Women aren't allowed to drive in the Apartheid Islamic state. 

As for sport, just listen to this jerk in the video below.

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