Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Why the Stop the War Coalition shouldn't exist

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This mornings Sky News was dominated by a report of the latest fighting between the Saudi Arabian led coalition and the Iranian backed Houthi rebels in Yemen. Pictures of the air strikes taking place on civilian areas were clear to all from the broadcast, which reminded me of the coverage given to the Gaza conflict a while back.

Except there is one vital difference. Whereas Hamas was using civilian areas to launch rocket attacks on Israeli civilians, there is no such evidence of similar activity here. A crucial point to make when dealing with the so-called anti imperialist "left".

When the Gaza conflict broke the Stop the War Coalition of communists and Islamists along with the Palestine Solidarity Campaign were rampaging through the streets of London.

Where are they now?

Surely a "Stop the War Coalition" means all wars doesn't it?

No, far from it. These appeasers for Putin and other authoritarian regimes simply indulge their hesperophobia  and sit in the armchairs blaming the West. Not even a condemnation of Iran which is clearly involved in this conflict. Nothing to do with some of the StWC leaders working for Press TV the propaganda channel for the Iranian Government? Nah can't be.

But then the West got the blame for the Ukrainian civil war. George Galloway (one of the StWC Vice Presidents) happens to work for err.. Russian TV, just saying before he reaches yet again for his lawyers.

The fact is the StWC is not anti-war at all. It is simply anti-West and might as well be a formal fifth columnist organisation for (add country of choice) and other dictatorships or worse.

There's nothing new on the StWC website about Yemen at the time of writing. But they did write a formal statement during the General Election...blaming Britain.

Nothing to do with ancient Sunni and Shia rivalries then eh comrades. Lets not let history get in the way of making anti-Western propaganda.

We won't see a demonstration by the anti-imperialists anytime soon. It simply doesn't suit their purposes and anyhow the comrades have their hands full looking for Asghar Bukari's shoe.

There seems to be no reason why this quite ideologically twisted organisation should exist. They don't even pretend to show "balance", always taking the side of the enemy. Literally.

The StWC still receives monies from trade unions who should urgently reconsider their affiliation to this nefarious outfit. At the same time the "left" should also reconsider their support for Jeremy Corbyn MP as Labour leader.

Jeremy is of course Chair of the StWC. He also has some rather unsavoury views on a variety of issues which Alan Johnson has gone into detail in his Open Letter to Jeremy Corbyn published on the veer excellent Left Foot Forward website. Well worth a read.

The charmers over at the StWC have an essay called Why the State of Israel Shouldn't exist very prominently on their website. Actually comrades it should and the only barriers to peace are the Islamists and so-called anti-imperialist brigade of which you are a part.

The left should not be supporting neo-fascist dictatorships like Putin's Russia, clerical fascist regimes like Iran or their proxies let alone the slavish devotion these "comrades" show to Cuba, Venezuela , Hamas or Hizbollah.

The StWC along with Counterfire, Respect the SWP and the CPB are now firmly on the right and none should even be considered to have a legitimate presence in the Labour & trade union movement.

It is the Stop the War Coalition that shouldn't exist.

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