Thursday, 11 June 2015

Why do the left only want Israel made a "secular" state?

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The "anti-imperialist" "left" (if you can call them that these days) never fail to amaze me with their one sided anti-Western, anti-Israel rhetoric. The Stop the War Coalition of fools website published an article by  Gary Leech from the American publication Counterpunch (not to be confused with the equally venal Counterfire run by StWC head honchos Lyndsey German and John Rees.

In an age where Islam(ism) is on a violent and aggressive bent you'd think that worlds only "Jewish" state would be the least of anyones worries except the fascists of Hamas, Hezbollah and the rest that infest the Middle east with their bile and Hate.

ISIS is on the rampage across Syria and Iraq committing genocide against not only other religious minorities such as the Christians and Yazadi's, but also against any brand of Islam they see as apostasy. At the same time women are taken into slavery (justified by the Prophet they say) and sex with them is not considered rape under their "Sharia" laws.

Slavery, murder, imperialist conquest by a death cult of gangsters. Anyone remember the last time the anti-imperialist brigade organised a demonstration about these crimes against humanity? Nah me neither. That's because the comrades are far from interested. They only seek to destroy the only proper democracy in the region Israel.

Because the West supports it.

The author of this polemic claims it is not anti-Semitic to be anti-Zionist. Possible but then goes on to make a demand about Israel that the comrades of the "left" do not place on any other country across the region. He demands a "democratic secular state" for Christians Jews and Muslims. Problem is this means the destruction of the state of Israel which given the prevailing hatreds across that part of the world would lead to genocide.

Christians, Jews, B'hai and other minorities are all treated as second class citizens in most Muslim countries. Islam is the basis of these sates laws. Ask the Copts in Egypt about "apartheid", where they have their daughter kidnapped, forcibly converted to Islam and married to Muslim men.

Women who under Sharia have only half the rights of men (if that in practise) are suffering from real not false apartheid. Saudi Arabia won't even let women drive. It's because these men are afraid of losing their position under Islam to women's rights.

Oh and Comrades where is freedom of religion in not just Saudi Arabia (where there are no churches) and in Brunei where the Sultan is imposing Islamic law on no-Muslims.

Only one step away from ISIS... most Muslim countries.

But the comrades ignore all this because they believe the destruction of Israel will be a blow against imperialism. And of course the casualties will only be Jews after all.

The anti-imperialist brigade try to justify their stance by claiming the Jewish state is a colonial one, forgetting real history and the fact that Jews (and Christan's where in these lands (and others long before the warlord Muhammad and his followers spread their faith by the sword.

This short video illustrates Islam's aggressive expansion. Please note that this is the world ISIS want to create.

Hardly the religion of peace...

It is Islam that is a colonial implant. Not Israel.

Not that facts ever bother the ideologically or theologically motivated that unite to undermine the actual free and secular world.

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