Sunday, 7 June 2015

The far left rally to Rahman in Tower Hamlets

The election for Mayor in Tower Hamlets is being re-run due to the incumbent Lutfur Rahman being found guilty of electoral malpractice. As yet nobody else to my knowledge has been charged with anything despite it being patently obvious that he did not and could not have acted alone. That's a matter for the courts and the electorate if they the latter are allowed a free and democratic election this time.

The Tower Hamlets First group of councillors which was the organisation that clearly benefited from the shenanigans perpetrated by the former Mayor remain intact and is running a candidate, one Rabina Khan, a sitting councillor is Rahman's choice.

Next Thursday the voters of Tower Hamlets will make their choice. This time without "undue spiritual influence" one hopes as it's pretty clear that the local Imams overplayed their hand last time in pursuit of the "community" or "communal" interest.

The far left has been active in the area. An attempt by the Socialist Party to run a Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition (TUSC) candidate was scuppered by the Socialist Workers Party through the use of a "veto" which prevents the Coalition from taking action when used. The SWP have few friends and trying to remain on good terms with the Rahamnites is one of their few options.

How the former Militant comrades feel about this is not known but the fact a veto had to used illustrates an argument certainly did take place within the tiny TUSC.

Meanwhile The Rahmanites have gained support from an unexpected quarter. The self proclaimed Communist Party of Great Britain, the ones that publish the left gossip sheet, the Weekly Worker. They declare in their rag:

The Provisional Central Committee of the Communist Party of Great Britain urges a vote for Rabina Khan in this election. We do so critically, and on the basis of the political context and the meaning it gives to this vote.

The CPGB opposes the existence of directly elected mayors, presidents, officers and so on. Such constitutional arrangements are Bonapartist and inherently make the officers so elected unaccountable. The Tories are actively attempting to impose mayors on local authorities in the Cities and Local Government Devolution Bill, because they will increase patronage and cronyism (as well as corruption).

Clear as mud that is. Mayors are inherently corrupt and this all "Bonapartism" anyway. Do any normal people mention such out of date Marxist tripe these days? Bonapartism indeed. Do the workers care I ask myself? Doubt it.

Problem is as the Communist comrades actually state themselves:

Assume, as we have to, that the decisions on issues of fact in the judgement of Richard Mawrey QC in the Tower Hamlets election petition case are largely correct.....

We do not support Rahman’s regime in Tower Hamlets, or favouritism towards the ‘Muslim community’ or particular sections of it.

Yet they call for a vote for someone belonging to Tower Hamlets first, which so obviously benefited from Rahman's antics. The pandering to "anti-austerity" messages in her election material is just "left cover" for yet another communalist candidate.

The CPGB joins Counterfire, the SWP in promoting candidates whose religiosity will divide the community. So much for Marx's maxim that "Religion is the opiate of the people", even in age where it's more likely to be football that distracts the workers this represents the final capitulation of the left to Islam(ism) in the comrades hunt for an audience.

Not a healthy move, especially in a time when a large majority of people both in this country see Islam as a threat due to so many of it's adherents not only failing to integrate in mainstream society but a quite large and vociferous section of it actually opposing being subject to secular laws.

Tower Hamlets First and the far left in it's various forms including the mis-named Stop the War Coalition pander to a dangerous agenda that divides the Muslim community from the rest of society granting the "religion of intolerance" a special status it does not deserve any more than any other religion.

What is needed is a broad secular alternative. Separtism should not and must not be an option.

And Tower Hamlets should vote for the Labour candidate on June 11th. 


Everyone in Tower Hamlets has been let down by Lutfur Rahman, especially those who put their trust in him. It is because of the corruption and illegal practises of Lutfur Rahman that the people of Tower Hamlets will go to the polls again on 11 June to elect a new Mayor faced with the task of uniting our borough and getting on dealing with the big challenges families face in our Tower Hamlets.

My priority will be serving local people. Faced with five more years of Tory Government, Tower Hamlets needs a Mayor who will fight to protect and improve our public services. On health, we need protect funding for health centres, GPs and services for mental health. On education, we need to keep up the pressure for excellence and improving standards across our schools, ensuring we have an inclusive vision that looks to the future.

Vote John Biggs Labour

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