Friday, 19 June 2015

Islamic radicalisation on Salman Rushdie's Birthday

The news that yet more families have decided to fly to the Middle east and join the murderous ISIS gangsters has opened a debate about the causes of Islamic "radicalisation". As usual the authorities get the blame in some Muslim quarters for "not doing enough".

Problem is these also tend to be the very same people who complain about the police spending too much time "spying" on the Muslim community.

It's "Islamophobic" to suggest that the followers of the Islamic faith are prone to extremism, violence and terrorism. Islam is a "religion of peace" we are told time and time again and as some Imams try to claim it's British foreign policy that is to blame.

A line also peddled by the anti-imperialist brigade of the far left and it's allies.....

It just so happens that Salman Rushdie has his birthday today.

Anyone remember the Satanic Verses, that dreadfully pretentious book that the Iranian Ayatollah decided to turn into a world wide crusade in an attempt to gain hegemony over the Islamic faith?

A "Fatwa" was issued calling for his death. Demonstrations were organised by "community leaders" in the streets of Britain and outpouring of hate was preached in British Mosques.

A new era began. The rise of Islamic intolerance in our midst.

Until then it's doubt anyone gave Islam a second thought. Now it's a subject discussed daily in the media, the workplace and in peoples homes. The majority of Britons see Islam as a threat.

Trouble is Islam has developed a self portrait of "victim hood". Completely false in origin. Islam is not an oppressed religion. people in this country are free to practice their faith, subject to the limitations of the common law when it comes to the practice of "Sharia".

Contrast that with the treatment of religious minorities across the Muslim world. Christians, Jews and others are treated as third class citizens. Muslim women of course making up the second class, being worth only "half a man" under this medieval faith.

You can't even sell Bibles or build a church in Saudi Arabia.

Persecution of non believers seems to be the norm.

The seeds of radicalism exist within the doctrine of Islam itself. There is inbuilt intolerance and supremacism within the faith itself.

ISIS represents the most extreme possible expression of the religious fascism with it's pursuit of genocide, rape and slavery.

Muslims need to ask themselves why so many of their young are attracted to this type of murderous Jihadism.

The answer is closer to home than they like to admit.

Islam must face up to the fact it needs to reform and fast.

And the rest of us need to stand up against religious intolerance both at home and abroad. Human decency and democracy must be defended.

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