Thursday, 18 June 2015

Left Unity in ever decreasing circles...

Left Unity

One of the reasons "so many" people read the Weekly Worker is because it is a good source of both gossip, scandal and the sheer futility of the British far-left. Oh the comrades (all two dozen of them) who produce the rag insist it is read for it's "clear Marxist analysis" know that this really is the case, but over a thousand issues of sectariana is no mean feat and they should be congratulated for their efforts.

Sometimes however their reports do really show up the over-blown self importance of the organisation within that tiny milieu. Take the "recently" launched Left Unity "Party". Built by Face book "likes" and a short film by Ken Loach it attracted much attention from not just those who had dropped out of the other left groupings over the years but managed an unprecedented feat of having formal factions before they even officially launched.

Sad really.

No one who watched their initial proceedings will forget the sight of a middle aged comrade singing her speech to an astonished but surprisingly polite conference.

High hopes were held by many as several of the smaller trotskyist sects made their way into Left Unity setting up Communist Platforms (CPGB), Socialist Platforms (don't ask) and other such sectarian tomfoolery and blew their hopes..

Several thousand Face Book likes turned into barely 2,000 members and squabbling has probably pushed that number further down as in-fighting and sheer nonsense tool their toll. Who can forget though LU might like to) the idiot who tried to get "critical support" for the ISIS mass murderers/rapists/slavers on the grounds they were "anti-imperialist".

Speechless me.

Now the comrades have had a regional conference in London, the largest city in England's green and pleasant land. Some seventy members turned up and turned into an almost equal number of factions for the day. Even Ken Loach raised the Monty Python Life of Brian banner as they debated working with the sectarians of the Socialist Party & SWP's Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition.

Arguments of "electoralism" vs "building from below" took place, but there is one problem. One that should tell you all you really need to know about this latest group of revolutionary windbags.

Apparently they have "540" members in London of which "just over 100 regularly attend the meeting held in the eleven LU Branches.

That's just over 9 per branch plus a dog or maybe a cat.

Not in a position to do anything except argue about how many dialectics can be spun on the head of a pin.

Make a good soap.

Oh they already did that.......

Power to the people. Not......

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