Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Ecuador should be ashamed of itself

This mornings papers carried the disturbing news that Julian Assange is about to be (cough) cleared of three sexual assault claims after being hidden in the Ecuadorian embassy all this time. Like everyone else I have no idea whether the allegations against him are true or not but his flight to the embassy says a lot to me.

This is due to limitations under Swedish law, which I'm sure he will have been well aware of.

However there remains one outstanding warrant. That relating to the alleged rape of a second woman. This will remain enforceable for another five years.

His supporters have pointed out he hasn't been changed with anything.

Yes we know. That's because he's been ensconced in the Ecuadorian embassy where no one can arrest him and bring charges on behalf of the women who have made the allegations.

Personally I remain surprised he has any supporters left, except they are generally from the so-called "left".

I will never forget or forgive Comrade Galloway's rant about lack of "sexual etiquette".

Justice has not been served here.

A celebrity radical has been allowed to find excuses not to face his accusers in Sweden, one of the most civilised democracies on this planet.

Ecuador has covered for him, at a cost of over £12 million to the taxpayer which could in this age of austerity been more usefully spent elsewhere.

They should be ashamed of themselves.

As should Assange and all his supporters.

The women involved have a right to justice which has been denied them for quite spurious political posturing.

The left has shown itself wanting on this case as so many other events world wide when it comes to women's rights.

From "comrade delta" to their silence of rape and slavery under ISIS, the comrades remain silent.

The enemy remains Western democracy for them.

Human rights and justice? 

Only when it suits them. 

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