Sunday, 23 August 2015

Far left group calls for purges after Corbyn wins


The battle for control of the Labour Party took yet another sinister turn as one of the Trotskyist groups, the Alliance for Workers Liberty (AWL) involved in backing Jeremy Corbyn called or a purge of "irreconcilable" MP's after Corbyn wins. 

Their long term guru Sean Matgamna writes:

If Jeremy Corbyn wins, it won't be the end but the beginning of the fight.

A leader of the French Revolution once observed that “those who make half a revolution, only dig their own graves”. A Corbyn victory will at best be only half a revolution. It will energise the PLP and its backers in the press for a serious fight back. If we don't respond blow for blow, with determination to win, then the right-wing counterrevolution will win. There will be a severe repression of the left. The chance of a new beginning for working-class politics will be squandered.

If Corbyn wins, then the left should immediately go on the offensive. Irreconcilable MPs should be de-selected.

By "irreconcilable" they mean those that do not agree with the far-lefts line. Labour will cease to be a broad coalition of various traditions and will be purged Stalinist style.

The Corbinista's are a threat to the survival of the only remaining opposition party in British politics. 

The only winners in this debacle are the Tories.

Corbyn and his rent a mob supporters must be stopped.


  1. Howard: self-evidently, we're going to fight to the ultimate for our politics, and deal with opponents through democratic mechanisms. I would expect that you and the right-wingers you support would do the same to us if we attempted to thwart you following your victory.. Its called democracy.

  2. "We're"? The AWL of which Matgamna is the leader is a separate Trotskyist organisation of long standing just like Militant was. The AWL, like Militant has no business being in the Labour Party in the first place. Given members of the Greens and Left Unity who stood against Labour in the general election are trying to muscle in for Corbyn, I don't really think democracy is being served at all.