Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Militant plots return to Labour under Corbyn

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The fight for the future of the Labour Party took a sinister tun tonight as Dave Nellist the leader of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition announced his "party" (a front for the Socialist Party) could "join forces" with Labour to back Jeremy Corbyn.

The Coventry Telegraph reports:

Labour exile and former Coventry MP Dave Nellist has hinted he could seek to merge his new party with Labour should left-wing candidate Jeremy Corbyn become leader.

Mr Nellist, who served as Coventry South East MP from 1983 to 1992, was expelled from Labour in 1991 for his links to the hard-left Militant Tendency group.

The 63-year-old is now the national chairman of the left-wing Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) political party, which stood 135 parliamentary candidates and 619 local council candidates in the general and local elections this year.....

Mr Nellist said he would also insist that ‘Clause Four’, viewed as a symbol of the party’s commitment to socialism, was reinstated after it was controversially changed by Mr Blair in 1995.

He said: “Labour needs to rebuild established links with the trade unions, policy needs to be devised from the bottom up.

“If those things were to happen, I would be prepared to go to the TUSC conference in May and say TUSC should be part of that.

“A lot of ex-members would like to be involved in the formation of that sort of party.”

Mr Nellist also underlined why he thought TUSC could be valuable allies.

He said: “Over 90 per cent of Labour MPs didn’t want Jeremy for the job. He’d be in a battle with Labour MPs from day one and he’s going to need some mates.”

Older readers will recall that the Militant Tendency was a entryist organisation which sort to take over the Labour Party in the seventies and eighties seizing control of the Labour Party Young Socialists, getting several of it's members selected as Labour candidates and actually employed more full timers than Labour itself did.

Militant became famous for bankrupting Liverpool Council, sending taxi's out to deliver redundancy notices to it's workers.

Neil Kinnock finally acted and threw this parasitical Trotskyist group out of the Labour Party. Since then after a series of splits their remnants are organised in the tiny Socialist Party.

The Socialist Party along with the Socialist Workers Party and the even smaller Independent Socialist network joined with the RMT union to form the TUSC which polled sod all in the recent general election.

The Socialist Party are also in control of the main civil service union PCS in alliance with a number of other far left groups and individual members including General Secretary Mark Serwotka. This union has been run into the ground by the militants and having lost thousands of members through splits and then the recent ending of the "check-off" agreement has been in such financial trouble it has vacillated between allowing Unite to simply take it over and/or selling off the unions main asset, the HQ building in Falcon Road.

More bankruptcy from the lunatics of the far-left which should warn both Labour Party members and voters that the alternative policies so-called anti-austerity activists are unworkable.

The Militant Tendency and the so-called "left" did untold damage to the Labour Party in the eighties which ultimately allowed Thatcherism to survive longer than it should have done.

Corbyn will allow the Tories to extend their rule further than it need be.

The experience of Militant should serve as a warning.

We cannot afford the far-lefts simplistic and useless rhetoric to destroy Labour again.

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