Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Musical Interlude Double: Alice Cooper & Golden Earring!

It's the height of the summer holiday season unusually the political tempo has been quite high mainly due to the Labour Party leadership election. The voting papers are out and in due course we will learn the fate of the sole remaining opposition party in this country.

So rather than blather on about how useless Corbyn and his useless mates are I felt like taking a break from politics for the evening and why not!

For those of you who read my comics blog you will have noticed most of my coverage of late has been of British comics published in the seventies.


I'm also a big fan of the music from this period. One of my favourite artists was (and still is) Alice Cooper. One of the songs I remember from the seventies is Schools Out which seems appropriate for this time of year.

The seventies. Long hair, flares, progressive music and pop songs you could sing along to. Those were the days!

One of the other tracks that rather caught my attention was Radar Love by the Dutch Band Golden Earring. I rushed out and bought their album. You remember those big vinyl things in large fold out covers that had pictures and text that was large enough to read!

And finally a word from our sponsors, well TV ads from the seventies. Remember these?

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