Sunday, 30 August 2015

Tony Blair is right, it's all Alice in Wonderland

In the Alice in Wonderland world this parallel reality has created, it is we who are backward looking for pointing out that the Corbyn programme is exactly what we fought and lost on 30 years ago, not him for having it.

Tony Blair writing in The Observer.

Whatever else one might have thought of Ed Miliband, he was certainly on the generally accepted "left" and had come to the leadership of the Labour Party with the backing of the unions.

He lost.

Back in 1983 Michael Foot was certainly left-wing and the "left" was far stronger back in those days.

He lost.

Very badly indeed.

It was years before Labour was able to take power again and that victory was down to one Tony Blair.

He won three general elections in a row, Labour could have won again but frankly Gordon Brown buggered it up by dithering over an election at a time he may have had the upper hand.

The "lefts" rise and I'm not sure that much of the so called left can really be called that these days with their capitulation to reactionary Islamist movements and a certain Mr Putin including Corbyn himself is a backwards move.

Under Corbyn there will only be one outcome.

Labour will lose.

Only those who really need our help will suffer while the ideologues will wear their outdated ideas on their sleeves.

Mad Hatters Tea Party indeed.

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