Sunday, 9 August 2015

Labours crisis deepens

According to the Sunday Times there are now calls to halt the the Labour Party leadership election due to the surge of extremists using the three quid sign up as a way to unduly influence the outcome. Frankly the whole idea was flawed in the first place but may not have spiralled out of control had some naive MP's decided to give Jeremy Corby the nominations he needed to stand in order to "broaden the debate". Sometimes democracy backfires and certainly has in this case.

The Labour Party is vetting membership applications and have so far found over a thousand people who are in the category of "infiltrators". Some like film director Ken Loach claims Labour is running a witch hunt against his party.

That's the point Ken, you have set up a political party in direct competition with Labour, standing around 10 candidates at the last general election in alliance with the remains of the old Militant Tendency now known as the Socialist Party in the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition.

Members of Left Unity have no place in the Labour Party.

Nor do members of the Greens, the TUSC or any other tin pot outfit on the fringes of the Labour and trade union movement.

There may be even a few malevolent Tories joining as "three pounders" to vote for Corbyn as they know he will make Labour unelectable at the next election.

Whilst I fully support Labours efforts to remove the obvious culprits, any move to stop the election will make Labour a laughing stock from which it will take time to recover. The main unions affiliated to Labour Unite and even Unison (or at least their leaderships) have thrown their not inconsiderable influence behind Corbyn and there are many grass root activists in the Labour Party who remain to the left of the leadership.

 Jeremy Corbyn is certainly the front runner, only Andy Burnham seems to be in a position to be able to stop him and that may at the end of the day rely on the transfer of votes. Burnham would be a compromise leader and not one I would choose but better than Corbyn.

Corbyn supporters have complained of witch hunts, a usual tactic of the far-left when any thing is said or published that is critical of them or their boy.Trouble is that this far left crowd is entirely unsuitable to lead the Labour Party and would probably damage both the party and the unions through their antics beyond repair,

When I see the likes of Galloway, Hatton and the foolish trade union leader Serwotka backing Corbyn I remember what damage their type of politics did to the largest trade union in the civil service. It is now a shrinking, bankrupt wreck shedding members as I write. Isolated from reality and with little real influence the far left wrecked PCS.

The far-left cannot be allowed to do this to the Labour Party. Changing trade unions was simple but if Labour is destroyed by their nefarious antics who will we be able to vote for?

The candidate most likely to beat the Tories is Liz Kendall yet so many party members are so wrapped up in old fashioned and outdated ideological outlooks they fail to see that.

It is my belief that it is better to achieve something rather than nothing. The Corbyn road will be to electoral failure and more attacks on the unions, the state and our rights.

The left needs to grow up and quickly.

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  1. I remember LK as a SpAd at Health - she would be an unmitigated disaster