Monday, 31 August 2015

Musings on a Monday

It's been a funny old Bank Holiday Monday. Woke and started arguing with some Corbinistas on a Labour Party forum but soon got bored of their delusional world view. I decided not to make Corbyn the subject of yet another post for two reasons.

Firstly there's two weeks to go and I'm sure he or his supporters will commit some atrocity worth commenting on and secondly my good friend Jake Wilde has written an excellent post over at The Gerasites blog.

Here's a short taste:

.....While talk of a Militant Tendency-style purge is certainly premature it will be on the agenda of some of Corbyn’s backers, as seen in the public statements of some union leaders both within and outside the party. More likely to start with is a coordinated influx of new party members into targeted constituency Labour parties (CLPs) in order to take over and put pressure upon MPs who are not sympathetic to the Corbynite agenda. This will include MPs who support Burnham – that won’t afford any protection. What will drive this hit list is where the Corbynites have the numbers.

It is also inevitable that some Labour Party activists will be inclined to retreat from activism when faced with hostility from the new and newly emboldened people in their CLP meetings. The shouting down of opposition is a tried and trusted tactic amongst the far left and there’s only so much hassle that people want from their voluntary work. All the old far left tricks will be used: arranging meetings when only they can make it; dragging meetings out so that the key business occurs when their opponents have gone home; excluding opponents from any decision-making or communications, effectively “disappearing” them from the process.

Read the full article here: It doesn't matter if Corbyn wins or not.

Meanwhile some (c)rap star married to a reality star with the widest derrière in show business has announced he will run for the White House in 2020. I just hope he has better politics than music.

Talking of the USA did you see that nonsense from The University of Tennessee who want to ditch the pronouns "he" and "she" in favour of a supposedly "gender neutral" (and non-existent) term Ze? It's in their new lexicon from the School of "Diversity and Inclusion".

First "trigger warnings" now students will replace she, her,hers and he, him, his with ze, hir, hirs or ze, zir or zirs.

And I thought creationists were the main threat to rational thinking and reason in American education.

I'd say this is bollocks, but try not to swear in my posts so complete nonsense it is then.

So what a day with the terminal crisis in Labour at the forefront of social media here's another funeral sketch this time from Marty Feldman and Spike Milligan.

Might as well have a bit of a laugh eh!


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