Saturday, 27 February 2016

GMB Union attacks "professional posers" over Trident

 This is an old logo which is no longer used - White capital letters spell "GMB" on an orange background, where the "M" is used as the legs on two stick figures drawn with thinner lines. Below is the text "Britain's General Union".

The far-left comrades along with assorted appeasers, pretend pacifists and pie-eyed students marched in London today against the renewal of Trident, a move which if ever implemented would put the safety and standing of this country at risk.

Such a move would also put thousands of jobs and a section of our manufacturing industry at risk.

The National Union of General and Municipal Workers (GMB) has issued the following statement:

Politicians want to cancel the renewal of Trident whatever the consequences and for you to forget about the decent jobs with good prospects, secure terms and conditions of employment and a good company pension scheme says GMB.

At the Trident Successor Programme conference in Newcastle upon Tyne on the 25th February Gary Smith, Secretary GMB Scotland spoke defending the jobs of GMB members. See notes to Editors for the text of his full speech plus copies of previous GMB press releases on the Trident Successor Programme.

Gary Smith, GMB Scotland Secretary, said “Instead of honouring you as hard-working, committed trade unionists there are people, many of whom are at the heart of the Labour and Trade Union movement, who, quite simply, want you to lose your jobs.

They want to cancel the renewal of Trident, whatever the consequences. They want you to forget about the decent jobs you have with good prospects, secure terms and conditions of employment and, astonishingly in 21st Century Britain, a company pension scheme. Forget about the strength this provides for working people and communities. Forget about the brighter future it offers to our young people. For these armchair generals playing their student politics as they sip lattes in Holyrood and Islington, none of this matters. Well, the GMB says you do matter and we’re going to give these professional posers the fight of their lives.

Failing to renew Trident is wrong on so many levels. Whether the professional posers with their brand of student politics accept it or not the people of this country do believe Trident makes us more secure. And what they do not understand is that the yards the length and breadth of Britain are inextricably linked. They glibly say that it is only 500 jobs at Faslane and Coulport at risk, well it isn't it is the future of Rosyth and even shipbuilding on the Upper Clyde are at risk too.”

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