Thursday, 25 February 2016

Time to tackle the falsehood of Islamophobia

The main story in this mornings paper made for disturbing reading. The Times reported on the continuing exposure and prosecution of child abusers in Rotherham as more "Asian" men were found guilty of sexually exploiting and raping under-age children.

Except "Asian" isn't an adequate description of this gang of paedophiles or the others that have been caught in some of our inner cities. For some reason there is a fear of identifying their actual origin Muslims of Pakistani/Bangladeshi origin.

The reason I find this disturbing is because the reason this went uncovered for so so long was not just due to the now discovered corruption amongst a small group of local politicians and police officers, it was political correctness.

When these allegations started surfacing anyone who dared raise concerns was shouted down as "Islamophobic".

The far-left in particular along with the politically correct liberal brigade buried their collective heads up Islams backside long ago. Almost as if crime amongst one community could not be discussed.

It's "racist" apparently.

And yet the same does not happen when we talk about triads within the Chinese community, Albanian gangsters or gangs of Romanian pickpockets. These all exist and do not denote that all these communities are criminal. Simply that there are gangs within them as there are within every community.

But for some reason crime within Muslim communities is a taboo subject.

It doesn't stop at these rapists, it also stops us dealing with other issues, not least of which is the rise of fundamentalist fascism, misogyny, and hate crime.

Yes Hate Crime.

The Hate Preachers are seemingly exempt from all restrictions in our universities. According to our current crop of student activists people like Peter Tatchell and Germaine Greer are a "threat" to students "safe spaces", but self appointed clerics who go around preaching that gays should be thrown off mountains, that women are worth half a man and that all us Kuffirs are expendable lowlifes in the battle for a fascist "Caliphate" can say what they want.

The left has orientated itself to the Islam(ist) agenda since the burning of the Satanic Verses. The rise of anti-Semitism through BDS and so-called anti-Zionism is ignored if not encouraged in order to overthrow perceived "imperialism".

These self serving ideologues care not one jot about the consequences of their actions. "Safe Spaces" are a tool for censorship and bullying. You challenge them at your own risk. These are Lenin's true "fools", except the consequences will be more dire.

Islam(ism) is a threat to us all and must be combated on every level. Crime and extremism should not be covered by the falsehood of "Islamophobia".

Islam is a religion, not a race and is one that de-humanises all that it touches and is behind the atrocities we see perpetrated not just in ISIS controlled areas of Iraq and Syria but also Rotherham .

Islamophobia is a politically created myth.

Expose the lie now.

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