Sunday, 14 February 2016

Two more student activist atrocities against free speech

Today's student leaders and the safe spaces/trigger warning brigade continue to lose the plot..and badly.

According to National Union of Students LGBT activist, Fran Cowling,  Peter Tatchell the long term Human and Gay rights activist is "racist" and "trans-phobic" because he stands for free speech and signed a letter supporting Germaine Greer's right to speak at a university.

The Observer reports:

In the emails, sent to the organisers of a talk at Canterbury Christ Church University on Monday on the topic of “re-radicalising queers”, Cowling refuses an invitation to speak unless Tatchell, who has also been invited, does not attend. In the emails she cites Tatchell’s signing of an open letter in the Observer last year in support of free speech and against the growing trend of universities to “no-platform” people, such as Germaine Greer, for holding views with which they disagree.

Cowling claims the letter supports the incitement of violence against trans-gender people. She also made an allegation against him of racism or of using racist language. Tatchell told the Observer that the incident was yet another example of “a witch-hunting, accusatory atmosphere” symptomatic of a decline in “open debate on some university campuses”.

Frankly a load of old nonsense.

This is just another example of modern day students thinking that anything they do not agree with is oppressing them and their refusal to accept that other people dare to have different ideas to their own bodes ill for the future.

It's not necessary to agree with everything Peter Tatchell says or does (I don't always) but to make such outrageous claims about him is blatantly ridiculous.

Fran Cowling is not the only student who needs to grow up and start learning at university, a privilege so many others do not have the opportunity to do. Listen to this woman in the video below. The argument starts about the right to wear whatever Halloween costume one pleases. Yes that tricky central question to world liberation.......

Douglas Murray shows her the futility of her childish views.

It seems to me there is something seriously wrong in our universities in both the UK and the USA.

If these people represent our future political class we are all doomed.... doomed I tell you.

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