Thursday, 4 February 2016

Grant Asylum to Ex-Muslim Omar Makram

It's not safe to be an atheist in the Muslim world, though the number of those quietly (or not in some cases) has been growing. In Islam it appears that leaving the faith can only be punishable by death.

They call it "apostasy". 

I call it freedom of choice.

The Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain report:

Omar Makram, an ex-Muslim, vocal atheist and a critic of Islam from Egypt fled his home country due to the threats he faced. Despite the threats, the Swedish authorities have refused his application.

Currently, the Swedish authorities seek to deport him back to Egypt were his freedom and perhaps even his life would be in danger. To further prove his convictions he had to resort to making a video where he renounced Islam by desecrating the Quran public for all the world to see.

In Egypt, authorities use blasphemy law to crackdown on vocal atheists, critics of Islam and reformists and that has intensified following the Egyptian revolution in 2011 when young people pushed for more space for freedom of speech.

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