Tuesday, 9 February 2016

When inclusivity parodies itself

Hardly a day goes by without some bunch of dimwitted, humourless and overly politically correct students committing a crime against reason. They've banned sombreros as "cultural appropriation (even though they were given out by a Mexican Restaurant), stopped Germaine Greer the noted feminist from speaking because she dared to voice an opinion that someone didn't like. The list is endless.

Meanwhile Stoodent activists at Northwestern have decided that a burlesque show wasn't being "inclusive enough".  The Daily Beast reports:

It’s entertaining. It’s educational! But it’s also highly triggering for students who didn’t get a solo.

That’s right: This year, burlesque show directors invited students to audition for individual, duet, and trio performances. All students are guaranteed a role in the production, but not all students are guaranteed their very own musical number. That’s just life.

But when the casting decisions were shared with the would-be performers, they revolted. Apparently, they didn’t think the directors’ choices were diverse enough—“marginalized experiences were not sufficiently represented in the selected acts,” reported The Daily Northwestern.

“It was brought to our attention that there are people in our community who feel that those solos and duets and trios are not best representing what the Burlesque community is,” [NU Burlesque co-director Avril] Dominguez said. “We do have a very inclusive and representative cast at large (and) we’re taking that criticism into account and really trying to reestablish a safe space.”

I would have liked to have listened in to the meeting that came up with this!

I'd like to think someone protested that there should have been a "cross-dressing-lesbian-disabled-transsexual" performer (no apologies for missing any self perceived down trodden minority out), but then I'm just taking the piss...

But really, do these students have nothing to do except worry about other peoples genital orientation?

They're obsessed I tell you. Rather like that Islamic Cleric who wanted to ban women from buying "phallic" cucumbers. Never mind the marrows that might put their husbands to shame!

I am past the stage of caring about these self obsessed pretentious brats. But just in case any of you safe-spacers have got this far through my thoughts before running off to watch a puppy video, here's a little humour which will probably be descried as ableist or something.

Take it away Peter Cook and Dudley Moore!

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