Sunday, 21 February 2016

Urgent Petition: Stop Facebook from deleting Arab Atheist & Secular pages

This week only , 9 of the biggest Facebook groups of atheists and secular Arabs were closed after a fake reports campaign led by Islamist groups that counts hundreds of thousands of Islamists to close the only window we breathe through !

Arab atheists are facing huge risks of losing all kinds of freedoms and rights ( that are not so many ) , including the freedom and the right of being alive, just by announcing that they are atheists !

So the only safe space they can speak through is social media. But with the Facebook policy that gives the chance to anyone who have an important number of followers to close and ban pages or groups he and his follower don't like , simply by leading a campaign of mass fake reports , this space is becoming as regressive as any country of the third world where minorities are oppressed.

We as secular and Arab atheists , are asking the Facebook administration to change it's policy, and to reverse it's decision of closing our pages and groups.

Sign the petition now!

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