Sunday, 17 April 2016

Bangladesh: Fighting the "Mafia cult of death"

Bangladesh has come under scrutiny recently due to the brutal murders of secularist and atheist bloggers recently. The actions of the Islamist Nazi's have shocked the world so you would expect their Prime Minister (a woman) to be somewhat concerned about the image these vile acts have made of her country, let alone the criminality of such behaviour but no Sheik Hasina has this to say:

"If someone wants to kill someone because of what the latter wrote the government will do nothing to stop it"

“If someone writes filthy things about my religion, why should we tolerate it? ”

The premier also said, “Recently it has become a fashion to call someone a freethinker who says nasty things about religion. I do not see any free thinking here. All I see is filth.”

The fact her government is desperately clinging to power has nothing to do with their appeasement of the Clerical fascists who literally get away with murder in her country.

Is it any wonder that others decide to leave what they describe as a "Mafia cult of death".

Michael Nugent reports of the decision by a Bengali Lawyer to leave Islam:

Bengali lawyer and scholar Mufassil Islam has left Islam, courageously describing his former religion as a mafia cult of death. This is significant, as Mufassil is well-versed in Islam and he used to actively defend it.

An act by a very brave man.

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