Thursday, 28 April 2016

Musical Interlude: Number 1 this week in 1981!

Since I'm literally speechless about Ken Livingstone's remarks today and so much already having been written about this fascists disgraceful views I thought to myself (after eating nearly a packet of Golden Oreos in literary frustration) it was time for a musical interlude.

So with the Eurovision song contest coming up on 14th May I though this little number from 1981 would make for good memories of when we Brits could send a decent song to Europe.

This video (featuring the late, great Terry Wogan) shows the very first TV performance of Bucks Fizz singing their winning entry, Making your mind up.

We can't vote for our own entry as usual this year (not that I would anyway, tis complete rubbish I tell ye) but closer to the date I'll put up some of my favourite choices from this years entries.

In the mean time. Take it away Bucks Fizz!

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