Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Naz Shah apologises, but is this just because she got caught?

Naz Shah, the woman who replaced the awful George Galloway in the Bradford East constituency has been suspended from the Labour Party after her Face book Post calling for the ethnic cleansing of Israel and the relocation of Jews to the USA.

The IB Times  reported:

"Jeremy Corbyn and Naz Shah have mutually agreed that she is administratively suspended from the Labour Party by the general secretary," a Labour spokesperson said. "Pending investigation, she is unable to take part in any party activity and the whip is removed."

This comes after a whole series of cases involving anti-Semitism in the Labour Party. This is probably the most serious so far as it involves a Member of the Parliamentary Labour Party. To their credit she has been suspended pending an enquiry but this issue isn't going to go away. Already the fool Ken Livingstone has been defending her saying her post was not anti-Semitic.

Shah has apologised, but is this just because she got caught? 

We'll never know but the relationship between Labour and the Jewish community is at an all-time low.

The discussion on one of the larger Labour supporting Face book groups called simply The Labour Party Forum has been worrying. One comment posted simply said:

I despise anyone who supports Israel. Even if they're bloody Jewish.

I told the poster he was as bad as Shah. Can't print the reply. It wasn't pleasant, but then I expect no better from the so-called anti-Zionist brigade.

And since we've been told anyone who quotes from the groups page will be removed, I've quit before I am pushed.

The new left is the new right.

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