Saturday, 2 April 2016

Disillusioned with politics?

Last week a friend of mine decided to "deactivate" his Facebook account for a while as he had "become disillusioned with politics". And with everything that's going on in the world his decision is quite understandable.

Every time I go to Facebook there is news of some atrocity committed by Islamist criminals, madness propagated by the Corbynistas and other assorted so called lefties and anti-imperialists. Even in universities both here in the UK and the United States there is a growing authoritarian trend to prevent free speech in the name of "safe spaces" where (certain types of) students can have their fragile egos protected from the fact that there are people out there who do not agree with ever barmier ideas.

More than that "safe spaces" seek to prevent others hearing alternative arguments and disagreements.
Can't have that in an institution of learning can we?

The fact is we have a government that has shown it's true face of going beyond "austerity" to implementing purely ideologically motivated policies. Nothing has been clearer than their decision to not nationalise British steel, the obvious solution that would be in the long term national interest.

Too busy courting the Chinese government who promptly slapped a huge levy on specialist steel which happens to come from....

I pointed this out on a certain Facebook forum but the irony was lost on another group of blinkered ideologues who now control the Labour Party.

We need rid of Cameron and his cronies as soon as possible. They may be slipping in the polls but it's not due to Corbyn and his followers gaining ground, the Tories failing has more to do with their botched and patently unjust budget. Robbing the sick to give to the rich.

Unacceptable and you'd think the opposition would be going for broke to bring down this government as soon as possible.

Unfortunately the Corbynistas are too busy preparing their pet policies on Trident and surrendering the Falkland Islands. That's not when they seek to blame the worlds ills on "Zios" or Zionists as they are obsessed with Israels destruction.

Hardly a week goes by without some dreadful individual coming to everyones attention because of the anti-Semitism. A party of hope containing people of hate. By the time these reprobates are suspended or kicked out the damage is already done.

The growing influence of the far-left in Labour is destroying the broad church that Labour needs to be to win an election and move forward. Their fundamentalism will not appeal to those voters that need to be won over to defeat the Tories. The 1% lead in the polls hides the real fact Labour is not in a position to win any general election in the near future.

As for Scotland? Forget it. There is a possibility Labour could now come third.

Then there's the forthcoming local and Mayoral elections.

Some of my friends do not understand why I am so reticent to support Sadiq Khan. His judgement is quite flawed, he was one of the idiot MPs who nominated the student-like Jeremy Corbyn for leader despite not wanting him as leader.

That was well thought out eh!

The far-left, the majority of whom do not belong to any organisation have either come out of the woodwork or entered the Labour Party to make mischief having failed with every other project they've tried.

A prime example of this is the vainglorious General Secretary of the PCS Union, Mark Serwotka who has joined Labour after a decade or more of trying to undermine it (thereby helping the Tories win) to help "purge".

You only have to look at the recent history of his near bankrupt union to see how badly he has fared. An anti austerity union that forced through such bad cuts it's own staff were left with a pension deal worse than the one he rejected  for PCS members. Go figure.

That brings me neatly back to Facebook where I have decided to block one of Serwotka's acolytes because his boorish attitude. And it was  just over a year ago the PCS Facebook page itself that finally made me realise there was no hope for that far-left controlled union.

So I left and have never looked back.

There are huge dangers ahead. My experience of PCS made me hesitate and decide not to join the Labour Party for the time being. It will be back to the same old battles, same old arguments with the same types of tired old Trots and their allies who care not one jot about ordinary people but always put their ideology and desire for political control first.

However I cannot totally stand aside and since neither blogging or Facebook is enough, my choice was clear. I have become active in the trade union movement again. 

Prospect may be a smaller union, but has none of the baggage that wrecked PCS. From here I can make a (albeit small) contribution to fight for our rights.

I'm sure my friend will return to Facebook in due course, but taking a break isn't such a bad thing. I wasn't ready until now.

But I'm back!

I'll return to union issues tomorrow. Join me. Join a trade union.

Join Prospect:

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