Friday, 15 April 2016

Time to have a word about Islam

The recent Channel 4 programme by Trevor Phillips on the attitudes of the "Muslim community" has confirmed what a lot of us have been saying for years. A substantial, if not the majority of the Muslim population is not integrating into British society.

As for their (for want of a better word like reactionary) "conservative" views on everything from Gay Rights to democracy nothing surprises me.

At the same time there has been a propensity to pussyfoot around the issues involved and the question of Islams place in our society for far too long. Cries of "Islamophobia" have been raised every single time an issue has arise,

So many people are or have been frightened to confront problems with Muslims/Islam because of their fear of being called racist (even though Islam is not a race, it's a theology, and a very backward one) that issues have failed to be addressed.

The most obvious example was the sexual abuse and rape of young girls in Rotherham by organised gangs of Asian men. Those brave individuals who tried doing something about it were vilified and witch-hunted until the crimes finally came to light and the perpetrators started going to prison.

A very sad state of affairs indeed.

Now no one is suggesting for a minute that every Muslim man is a child abuser and it goes without saying that the majority of paedophiles in the UK are white. However a desire to "not rock the boat" kept a a huge number of girls prisoners of their abusers.

An extreme example, but the attitudes of even the so-called "moderate" Muslims leave a lot to desired.

Aside from the minority who force their women to fully covered (though this group seems to be growing) the attitudes of large sections Muslims are out of touch with the general population. Prejudice against gays is high, even to the extent that half did not think it was right for a gay person to be a teacher.

Nearly a quarter wanted Sharia Law introduced.

And an example of Sharia was brought to my attention this week in Indonesia where fundamentalists have been both burning and closing down churches, The Independent reports:

An elderly Christian woman has been caned in Indonesia, the first time a Sharia law punishment has been meted out to a non-Muslim.

The 60-year-old, who was convicted of selling alcohol, was whipped nearly 30 times with a rattan cane, before a crowd of hundreds, in Aceh province on Tuesday, according to reports....

Under Aceh's strict Islamic code, introduced after it was granted special autonomy from Jakarta in 2001, corporal punishment is imposed on adulterers, gays, drinkers and even those who speak to unmarried members of the opposite.

Sheer medieval barbarism. No other word for it.

Closer to home, Air Stewardesses for Air France went on strike over being told to wear head coverings on flights to Tehran. Capitulation to Islamic practises.

Imagine if this were the other round.

There would be hell to play. 

It's time to have that discussion which liberals and lefties have avoided, somewhat deliberately in the latters case as the far-left sees Muslims as a pawn it can use in it's own agenda against western democracy.

Most people have no problems with those who have different or even no religion. There are large communities of Hindus, Sikhs and Jews in this country, none of which cause the furore or concern that Islam does. The time has come to confront the issue of integration and it starts with the law.

There can only be one law in this country. 

It is unacceptable that nay community tries to live separately denyng others the rights the rest of us enjoy. There can be no Sharia of any form in the UK. If as a Muslim you cannot accept this perhaps the you should reconsider your choice in living in a democratic inclusive society like Britain's. This is not and never will be an Islamic state. Women, gays, atheists and others that are not of your faith have rights.

Equal rights.

Worship who you please but you do not get to impose by bullying or force your faith on others even within your own "community".

There can be no Islamic state within the state.

It's time to have that discussion.

And time to face up to the realities of even so-called "moderate" Islam. This is the twenty-first century. The god delusion can no longer have legal sway over peoples lives.

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