Wednesday, 20 April 2016

National Union of Students lurches to the Far-Right

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The election of a woman who was "disturbed" by the existence of a "large Jewish Society" in Birmingham University, thinks "Zionists" are responsible for British Government policy and thinks "Zionists" control our media was elected President of the National Union of Students at their Annual Conference today.

Just as disturbing was the sight of student activists trying to stop Holocaust Commemoration Day as apparently it isn't "inclusive enough" and was putting "one group of people over others".

Those people. Not "Zionists", but Jews. Murdered in their millions by the Nazi's.

The real reason.

It's Palestine innit.

Safe spaces for all, unless you happen to be Jewish.

The left and the anti-imperialist brigade (just watch the video at the end of this post) have taken their hate campaign to the extreme.

The new President of the politically degenerated NUS also refused to condemn ISIS on the grounds it was "Islamophobic".

Yes dear tell that to the thousands of Yazadi's, Christians and other Muslims who have been murdered raped and enslaved by the criminals known as ISIS.

If I sound patronising it's because I am appalled by Malia Bouattia and her supporters for their bigoted ignorance.

The National Union of Students is no longer fit for purpose. It's time to end their closed shop. The majority of students want to study and have a good time so a tiny minority of navel gazing morons have taken over the organisation.

I hope that some student unions choose to disaffiliate and consider an alternative representative body.

Meanwhile hear a successor to Oswald Mosley tell us about the Jews Zionists......

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