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NUS faces disaffiliation crisis

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The election of a woman who blocked motions condemning ISIS as "Islamophobia" and thinks "Zionists" (read Jews) control the media and rants about there being too many Jews in Birmingham University was bound to cause a backlash

And it's started.

The Times (no link£) reports:

Students at the University of Oxford declared yesterday that they would seek to disaffiliate from the National Union of Students (NUS), saying it no longer spoke for the after Malia Bouattia was appointed (President) on Wednesday"...

A group of students at the University of Cambridge will also request a referendum on severing ties ties with the NUS and said it was in touch with students planning disaffiliation campaigns at the universities of Durham, Edinburgh, York Westminster, Aberystwyth and London South Bank, as well as at the London School of Economics and Kings College London,

It seems the comrades have finally pushed students to far with their self serving extremism and the future of NUS originally founded in 1922 has been brought into question by the antics of the political bigots who dominate the unions conferences and executive.

The Huffington Post reports:

Cambridge student Jack May said he was leading a campaign to withdraw his student union from the NUS as a result of Bouattia’s rhetoric.

He said: “The election of Malia as NUS President is a horrifying message to Jewish students in the UK. Attention has been repeatedly drawn to her anti-Semitic comments.

“Unfortunately, Malia’s election is just the latest event in a tide of anti-Semitism sweeping UK universities.”...

.... events in Brighton have emboldened those campaigning for Exeter to disaffiliate.

Thomas Collins, an economics and politics student at Exeter, told The Huffington Post UK: “The conference has energised the existing group of individuals who were disillusioned with the NUS.

“Malia’s election has bought more individuals to the leave campaign in the NUS, quite a few have switched from stay to leave since our referendum on the NUS in 2014, it will be close this time around.”

As many as 40 universities are expected to face similar calls to cut ties with NUS, according to the campaign group NUSceptics.

Despite denials from the so-called anti-Zionist brigade their actions are swelling anti-Semitism and it is all to easy for the bigots to conflate the two. 

Bouattias' attitudes to "Zionist" controlled media and the number of Jews in Birmingham expose the sinister side of this movement.

Fight back against the New Fascists!

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